One Year of Deande Later

Note- this is a day late, yes, but I was having technical difficulties with my AV sync for the montage at the end. -End Note

It has been one year.

One year since I first played the full retail version of Battleborn, the game I have not put down since.

But more importantly it has been one year since Deande began.

I still remember those first few games. Those games that decided the fate of who I would become for this community. Especially that one game, you were there a-train, you were there on the experiment, no less than 48 hours after launch. The game I discovered drop kick’s potential.

Back then the game was so new, and that meant drop kick was mine. Mine all mine. Whether or not others were first to realize how good it was seemed irrelevant with the lively player base. For all intensive purposes I was first, and in my own little bubble that was the spark of pride that drove me to the endless pursuit of perfecting the character I love.

Make no mistake it was just a game at first. An aggravating one at that, driving me back to the safe haven of PVE with friends. But over time it went from an interest, to a passion, to an obsession, to a love so to speak. And I don’t mean the kind of love you feel for a romantic partner, but not brotherly love either. Hell, not even like the love best friends would have for each other.

It’s some niche in-between kind of love that I can’t exactly explain or describe. But it’s no less there, and no less real.

For twelve long months I toiled at my imperfection. I hated it at times, oh so aggravating. When I forced myself into the world of PVP. I started off rough as we all do, mired in half-baked triple legendary builds, ground zero failures, and a complete lack of understanding as to how PVP worked.

But I found my way quickly. It was calculated risk that saved me. I looked at the helix for hours.



Too imperfect in my early renditions… Then I hit a burst dash, and the enemy evaporated from before my very eyes. My mouth hung open, I couldn’t get over what had just happened as I screamed it to a-train.

I never got over the beauty of that kill. The thought of erasing a single target from the field of battle without him having a chance to retaliate was exhilarating. That moment killed the passion and drove it all the way to obsession, and obsession that looked like floors and walls covering in math, the inner workings of Deande tacked anywhere I had space. If perfection was the goal I would spare no room for any modicum of incompetence. I needed to know EVERYTHING.

So I went forth.



I kept getting better and better, picking up new tidbits on my way to the top, and figuring out my own stuff. Actually, mostly figuring out my own stuff.

I worked, and wept, through the days of incompetence where I no longer wanted to play Battleborn, but Deande. Just her, the only thing that kept me coming back.



Yet forward I went and forward I still go. I met @Garrus_Sniper and @blainebrossart1 . Less misery ensued, and we had the most amazing of times together. Those two, and the rest of the Battleborn community got me back to actually playing the game and enjoying it.



Having fun.


Playing Deande.

Failing. But less now.

Less to the point at which I can claim competence. I can claim a little more relaxation. And I can re-claim a little bit of my life back.

But my life will not be without her until the day the servers die, I die, or the world dies. And until then, I have but one thing to say to her.


Set my heart afire.

Happy anniversary.


Wut u talking about? :wink:

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body seems unclear my foot

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Nothing, just one step closer to perfection.



Simply beautiful.

Seriously though, your commitment to Deande is truly inspiring. The amount of devotion you put into mastering her shows every time I play with you. I say without a doubt that you are the best Deande player on PS4 and it would not surprise me in the slightest if you are the best Deande player across all systems.

Also, I remember a few of those kills in that video. In particular the one where you pretended to be AFK in the beginning of the video and instantly killed Pendles.


I honestly think you or garrus were in 90% of those games.

That Deande kill at the end was masterful. They had no idea what hit them.

I was waiting for her. I knew what her game was about 20 seconds prior.

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Nemo is the best Deande player when it comes to pure aggression yes hahaha. I swear Nemo has an “everything must die mentality” jk
What I like about Nemo, is that he was outspoken about his Deande imperfections while I was quiet about mine and constantly beat myself up about it.
I had that same drive…
What was wrong with me?
What am I doing wrong with Deande?
How can I get better?

I remember when I discovered what the jump side kick could really do. Unlike Nemo, I pretty much was in PvP since day 1

Mine was an accidental find when I was BSing around on paradise. I was sprinting and looking up just for the hell of it, I accidentally hit the “O” button and immediately said, "wtf"
So I tried it again, success
And again, success.
I felt as if it my little secret as well.

I remember pausing the game and switching my quick melee button to R3. I was like awwww helllll yea call of duty style.

I proceeded to play BB alone, learning, watching my own vids, pulling out what I could have done better, next time I will try this gear, blah blah.

Remember when I had confessed to consistently playing Deande and only Deande for 3-4 days straight without any sleep?
I was beyond obsessed.
I had to repaint my room because it was covered in my handwriting
Deande this Deande that.
Deande Deande Deande Deande DEANDE! DEANDE!
no matter how many times that I wrote our name, potential builds, and artwork on my wall. I never felt satisfied.
I was like a drug addict and Deande was my addiction. My drug of choice.

I went on and did this for about 6 months…
Then out of nowhere I slowly began to speak with the people here on the forums. Mostly @FlamesForAll
It felt awkward at first because I did not want to be around people who didn’t play Deande (I know silly)
How could I learn to Deande better if I could not even find anyone to share my Deande knowledge with and them to share theirs?

I could go on and on about my feelings for Deande
But I do not have to. There is not enough room :slight_smile:

Anyway most of you on PSN know why I have such a deep attachment to Deande. Sorry Nemo >.> but this personal attachment, you cannot beat friend :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

I am more of the quiet Deande, I feel as though making too much noise, draws too much attention.

Nemo is the loud Deande. All attention drawn to his Deande. Hahaha <3


Deande has done more than just “set my heart afire” my entire being is blazing. And I honour her during my quiet time…when I am pondering and drawing.

I am going to cut this now
@Phoenix-2613 your turn.


I have currently spent a wonderful and exciting year of Battleborn being exceptionally crappy at Deande!


Although I do have her at 20!

I am a Deande Wannabe!


<3 <3

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Git gud



I’ve been playing her a bit myself recently - still crap at aiming Burst Dash, but I’m doing decently-ish.



Deande is definitely worth giting gud with.




Too much work.

I am defined by my lazin…

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Ok guys I’ve got it!

Anyone who plays Deande who is not @Deande , @nemosis327 or @phoenix-2613 is a lowly Deannabe!


Burst Dash.

Lol in all seriousness congrats nemo! That montage was definitely entertaining. I look forward to your future projects with Deande and our deande battles…



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