Online broke on consoles


Xbox one and PS4 over the last two weekends players have been unable to connect.

I am putting this here because in the PS4 and Xbox tech supports many seem to think it is console specific but it is in fact a gearbox problem.

How do I know?

Posts with people on Xbone on Reddit, Playing different games with my friend on PS4 whilst borderlands continually kicks us out, both staying in party whilst borderlands tells us to check our cables and network etc.

This is one of my favourite games to play co-op and the weekend is the time I get to play unfortunately I can’t because of this on going issue.

I’d love to hear some comments from gearbox as going through the forum it seems not a word has been said.

Edit: Saturday again… Can’t play with friend. What the ■■■■ are u guys doing at the weekend? My third Saturday I’ve planned to lose 12houes of my life to this game. Absolutely infuriating

BattleBorn Open Beta info
Connection Failure
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All on console are suffering this.

Just hoping to get GBX attention and fix this.

If I can’t connect to friends on their next title battleborn I won’t be buying that either.

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Had the same issues all weekend and last weekend, yesterday was probably the worst 30 times kicked from Co op in 20 minutes.

Very frustrating.

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Same problem for me and all my friends on PS4. I submitted a ticket and the response was to check my router and port settings. With so many people having this problem, which only started last weekend, I really don’t think the problem is at our end.

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Me and my friends on Xbox one are having issues as well. Gearbox needs to address it!


Yes definitely.

Me and my friend have done several co-op play throughs on THC, on the same playstations on the same internet connections and can even play other games together and suddenly borderlands stops working, it’s not our end it’s GBX end… I think it is battle born related only thing I can speculate is that they are prioritizing the servers for testing or something. I have no idea.

I just want this addressed.

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Yeah I agree it has to be their end. PS4 scenario is:-
Playing with two buddies, maybe for 15 minutes or so.
The host gets a message saying “Connetion lost”.
The other two players get kicked from the game.
The host continues to play “offline”.
The two kicked players immediatley rejoin the host and carry on for X minutes before it happens again.
How can this be anything other than the servers? It doesn’t matter which of us hosts.

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Hi everyone,

Just wanted to duck in let you all know that the team is currently looking into this and as soon as we have more info, we’ll pass it on to you all. Thanks!

[PS4] Nobody can join my game online

Excellent thanks for the input it means a lot.

Hopefully this can be fixed swiftly.

My friends and I are going to try and get on tonight and then again on saturday, even if we can get a couple hours that is better than none!


Exact scenario we are having

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Thanks JoeKGBX, it’s reassuring to know someone is listening and trying to help. Good luck.

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Me too, this is the 3th weekend that I can’t play with my brothers


Yeah this is the third weekend for myself as well I am unable to play with my friend. Unlikely I’m going to get another long saturday like the last 3 for a while, perhaps it’s a blessing in disguise.

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Me too 3Rd weekend hopefully not this weekend

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Unfortunately this game has not worked for online co-op for almost a year. The fact that you can even get into a game now is an improvement. The pre sequel works, but that one isn’t as good as borderlands 2.


I’ve never had problems playing this game online since release, I levelled with a friend to UVHM and a few other co-op games, it has only been recently that i have experienced the connection errors.

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OK I’ve had a response to my ticket and as a work around they suggest :-
• In order to get the connection to “reboot”, both players have to start a completely different game on their systems. For example, they can insert NBA 2K16 (or really ANY other game) and let it load completely to the title screen. It should be noted the games do not have to be identical (one NBA, the other WWE).
• Players then proceed to inserting their Borderlands: The Handsome Collection discs in and letting them load to the title screen.
• At this stage, players should be able to invite each other to their respective games.
The PlayStation 4 console seems to completely clear its Borderlands cache this way and does not rely on old sessions data to connect players together.

So far this seems to work but I hope they find a permanent fix soon.


This is interesting as after the first weekend of these problems, me and my buddy played PES online together to see if it was us or BL2, it worked so we played for an hour and went back to borderlands and got on for a good 4hours no issues.

I wonder why the GBX rep didnt mention that in here.

Will give it a try when I next get the chance

Thanks for posting appreciate it

Edit: The above may have been luck on my end that one saturday you mention removing and re-inserting the disk to reset the cache, I wonder if this works on the digital version if not then how do you manually reset the cache?

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@rockshox00, did you see this?