Online broke on consoles


Just messaged my friend, we done this last saturday to no avail.

Wasn’t sure if we tried borderlands again after a couple games of PES but we did and indeed it didn’t work, hope you guys have more luck

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@ps4jay2, that would in all likelihood be … ehrm … tomorrow :dukegoof: #PSNSaturday


I am unsure if I will be on this weekend, which could be a blessing in disguise, not got on all week my assassin is sitting at 55 waiting for more co-op action, meanwhile i’ve had fun playing gaige solo but i really want to team her up with someone!

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No but we shall see starting from tonight through till Sunday, thanks btw

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Friday night was ok only got disconnected twice from online game, digistruct peak was very glitchy all night though. Walking into walls, walking backwards no bullets coming out of weapons, an no I hadn’t had a drink. DOKINOS mom doing strange things attacking the cliff face and generally being a pain. Some areas glitchy in the same place on numerous attempts at the peak. Big improvement from last few weekends. There’s still today an Sunday to go.

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THC/BL2: Been thrown offline by matchmaking 5 (five) times today by 11.30 a m (GMT) …

I’m going for lunch, instead.


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Saturday 1701 gmt cannot connect to any game at all, obviously issues are still persisting. Every other app on my PlayStation and games work apart from bl hc.

If there is an issue at gbx end it would be greatly appreciated if there was a bit of honesty as to why this is happening. Rather than being left in the dark and having absolutely no clue what is going on.

I invest time and effort into this game as do many others a game I genuinely love and enjoy playing. At this moment I am extremely angry an pissed off 3 hours now connecting disconnecting reconnecting etc. Etc. Wtf and that’s not the shield

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Problem still ongoing as of 20 45 GMT cant join friend but can join everyone else. When I attempt to join friends it tells me to check my network cables and config. Everything is fine with my router and can play online with randoms just not friends. FIX IT!

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@rockshox00 even threw a PSN message punch at lil’ ol’ me … :acmomg:

#PSNSaturday collateral damage.

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@gunzerkus you liked it :joy:

My anger was nothing compared to @kenzie229 she was like Bridget hodunk in god-liath mode.

But on a serious note we were attempting to do the last level of the peak all night, not worrying about dieing but worried that the game will kick one of us half way through DOKINOS mom or the assassins, and not being able to get back in to support from the balcony.

I used to worry about dieing in the game now I worry about the game throwing me out at a crucial time.

A game designed to be played by four cannot be played by two…

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Yes, sir.

Thank you, sir.

May I have another, please, sir?

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@gunzerkus as cloned himself. Very troubling indeed.

Sunday, consoles still broken someone sort this out.

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To add insult to Injury tps Co op is working fine

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A lesser known form of gunzerking, that’s all … :dukestar:

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@gunzerkus Update 12 days since someone from gbx replied to a comment on this post, we are looking into this!!!

12 days!!! What are you looking with a sloth, maybe try a speedy gonzalez,

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Let me just put my anger into context. From 3pm GMT onwards I was trying to play Borderlands 2 co-op. We’ve been working on the peak all week, and I think at the start of yesterday we were at OP6. But the connection was so poor it was just impossible.

People were connecting and disconnecting left right and centre. Plus, as you all know, the peak is not easy with four, let alone an unsteady two to three. I am also fairly new, so couldn’t tackle the peak on my own even if I wanted to, and I have nothing else to do on BL2, until we get @rockshox00’s Gaige up to OP8 anyway.

So we finally got a decent connection at about 9:30/10:00pm, probably because everyone else had given up at that point. So we do OP7. Then we start our OP8. We’re constantly worried about disconnecting, but by some miracle we get to the two Saturns. Unfortunately Rox died, so I was the only one who counted as being in the peak. But we power through. Get to OMGWTH and we destroy him. All that was left was to go to the elevator and then… I’m kicked. I was absolutely livid. I can’t explain the frustration… And rage tbh. Poor Rox had to calm me down.

We could have tried again, but then we could have disconnected at any point, and to me… It just wasn’t worth it. It makes a very fun game, something which just causes a lot of stress and anger.

More problems today as well. But TPS connected fine with very few problems. Very confusing and frustrating. But luckily I love TPS so didn’t feel too hard done by.

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Still no response from gbx,


So my co-op buddy has quit borderlands for a while because he get’s so frustrated at the connection problems, which leaves me to play solo which I have done 4000000 times and don’t particularly enjoy tbh.

I might as well be done with this game for now, I’ll plod on with my solo character but there’s no guaranteeing that I will be able to hang around long enough to see these issues fixed, perhaps a break is what is best just now.

Was looking forward to battleborn mainly because of GBX however now I’m not so sure I am overly excited about it certainly not enough to pick it up day1 release.

I play BL for the coop experience and there isn’t one, i’ve pretty much rambled but I’m so fed up right now.

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Played tps all day an night yesterday in Co op not one single issue with connection run smoothly all day, 1 not a psn issue an 2 obviously an issue with bl2 Co op and with still no official reply to this topic or the other topic regarding same issue.

Is it so difficult to explain to the bl2 gamers that there is an issue, honesty is always appreciated and at least then we would know what the issue is, and can stop wasting hours upon hours trying to connect. And also stop posting on here.

Looking through other online forums that relate to handsome collection and bl2 who are not moderated the comments are less than eloquent, all directed towards gbx and the on going farce that is bl2 weekends.

If it was my company I’d be a little embarrassed, but maybe I have a different set of work ethics and regard for customer satisfaction.