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I have a few work colleagues that game on PS4, I wanted to introduce them to BL2 when BL3 was approaching so I had more friends to game with on release of BL3 assuming they took to it and liked 2, now it seems extremely unlikely I can get them interested in borderlands series because I most likely won’t be able to get online to game with them.

There was a redditor asking about forwarding ports for his console, I linked him to various of these threads here hoping to prevent him from wasting his time.

I am unsatisfied with gearbox’s way of handling this.

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There are actually 2 separate online problems with BL2:

1: The first is caused by the 1.03 patch which introduced a glitch whereby you get disconnected during most area transitions.

2: PSN has run like crap since February’s PS+ games were launched on Feb 1st, Helldivers barely works and Evolve generates BS error messages whenever you try to connect to the servers.

Problem 2 is something that affects most games and probably won’t be solved until after tomorrow’s maintenance is finished but Problem 1 will need a major patch to fix the situation.

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Never had a issue with transition areas. Servers run spot on through the week no probs at all bl2 works fine, come Friday night till Sunday bl2 does not work. Tps works fine, and other games.
So you’re saying that all these problems only effect bl2 on a weekend???

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Honest question here: are the games you’re comparing with also host-to-host (BL2/TPS), or are they server-to-host (CoD, etc.)? The connections for borderlands co-op are obviously set up through the PSN/XBox servers, but the game is hosted on player 1’s system, whereas the other types of games everyone is communicating directly with a server which is hosting the game. I’m wondering if there’s something with network traffic volume that disadvantages one type of coop game more than the other.


My experience in a nutshell

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Hey guys, I’ve touched base with the team to see where we are on this.

In reading above, am I to understand that you guys are only experiencing this issue on the weekend?

Sorry for the inconvenience here. I know how frustrating this must be.

(Rockshox00) #49

@joeKBX much appreciated response, and yes this is only happening from Friday evening till Sunday night, from Monday onwards there is no issue with Co op in my experience. Tps works fine in Co op in the time bl2 is down.

None of us have any idea what is going on and it’s been like this for at least 4 weeks to my knowledge, I appreciate there may be issues and staff are tied up with other projects et. etc. But many of us play weekends and hours upon hours if frustrating connecting and reconnecting getting kicked etc. Also when the game kicks us it also throws us off line in the bl2 char menu only way to get back online is to ps exit and reload the game.

A fix to this on going issue would be grately appreciated by many of us.

Thank you

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Myself and a couple friends just picked this game up to play this Sunday and definitely saw some weird/bad party issues.

We are all on patch 1.04 PS4 digital handsome collection and primarily saw 2 problems:

  • A 3rd player was unable to join the game lobby with 2 players already in it. Most of the time the 3rd player was unable to successfully join the game (they would be shown a 30 second counter to join the game and it would fail in the 10-15 second mark). Once this player failed to join we found they were stuck in offline mode and the only way to be able to put their game back in online mode was to quit and re-start the game. Toggling online/offline modes did not work.

  • We did manage to get everyone in a party and start the game together a couple times. Inevitably a player would be dropped from the game, both times it happened during a cutscene. I believe both times this happened fairly quickly, within half an hour of play.

We ended up playing separately or in a group of 2 people. With only 2 people we didn’t not experience any problems and were able to play for multiple hours in a row without anyone getting kicked from a game.

As you can imagine, it’s quite frustrating to talk my friends into shelling out $60 for what I still believe to be a great game, but one we can’t all play together.

Please feel free to reach out to me directly if there are more details I can provide you.

(Influencer Guy) #51

May I ask what console everyone is playing on?

(Bone Hole) #52

I realized I left it out, but added it to my comment. My group was on PS4.

(Rockshox00) #53

I have 55 friends playing bl2 ps4 with same issue,

(Rockshox00) #54

Just to point out, over the past 3 weeks that friends list as deteriorated down to only maybe 6 online playing bl2 as the rest I guess have given up

(Oliver Wicks) #55

The issues with Area Transition disconnects has been around since last October when the 1.03 patch landed but the other problem has only been around since roughly Feb 1st this year :frowning:. Also, I’ve only had these problems on the PS4 - the PS3 version works fine.

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Adding to the substantial info from @ps4jay2 @Hitec1950 @rockshox00 @oliver_wicks @Kenzie229
these are my observations:

  1. Counting backwards, there is zero doubt in my mind or experience that the problems out of nowhere started first weekend of month February, 2016.

  2. That first weekend, I in my game, and other people in their games, were getting multiple prompts about PSN maintenance, PSN error code prompts, and prompts suggesting “possible server overload” - bco my OCD (hello, @dogstar13 …) I have screen shots of a selection of these prompts - hence the #PSNSaturday

  3. In my game, the PSN prompts no longer linger, but the connection issues have been worsening with every weekend since.

  4. The issues range from and vary between A: unability to join friend’s visibly in the game (and vice versa for them to me hosting) mostly followed by the “Check network cables configuration” prompt B: unability to join other hosts through random match-making C: game trying to connect but hitting the 30 second time-out wall D: successfull connection to others hosts (in my case never friends - during the past February weekends this has only worked via match-making) but completely unstable connection meaning game decides to disconnect at any random point (this does add a certain thrill …) Noteworthy is that in 7 times out of 10, this occurence is heralded by a flashing white wire/plug symbol in upper left corner (screen shots) and E: game/connection throwing game into offline mode and then refusing to allow re-selection of any form of online status, thus, as been said, forcing exit and complete game re-start (only to have it happen again …)

  5. However, and this is where it gets interesting, all these issues do not occur in a solid block,
    Friday night - Sunday night. Relatively early Saturday mornings (05.00 - 10.00 CET/Central European Time)
    things tend to work. Same applies to same time window Sunday mornings.

  6. Most, if not all, people reporting on the PS4 connection problems here on the forums seem to be, like me,
    physically based in Europe.

  7. Saturday and Sunday 05.00- 10.00 CET equals midnight to 5 a m on the east coast of the US.

  8. Given these circumstances, I’m led to wonder if the weekend issues and the apparent flux in the weekend issues has to do with the fact that when weekend US hits the THC/BL2 button on their handsets, Europe is, somehow, strangled out.


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Out of curiousity, what region is everyone in? US, EU, etc?

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The black shores of Iceland, baby.


US, EST here, PS4. I had a bit of an issue last night; at first my friend joined my game, and we played fine for a bit (roughly a half hour). Then I went to switch characters, and tried to join him and the game decided to give me the check network cables configuration message, and I was stuck in Offline mode.

I then closed the app, reloaded the game, and was still stuck in the Offline mode. I then joined his game through the party chat, and we were fine for the next couple hours.

A few weeks ago though, I was having similar issues and couldn’t stay in a friends game for more than 15 minutes before being disconnected.

(Rockshox00) #60

Uk gmt

(Oliver Wicks) #61

I’m in the UK and the servers start going bad for me, late on Friday evening and they stay that way until either late Sunday evening or early Monday morning :frowning:.

(Influencer Guy) #62

Ok, awesome. Thanks everyone!

We’re discussing the issue internally, so please bear with us. Once we have news we’ll ping this thread again. Thank you guys for your patience!