Online broke on consoles

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Same problem in Belgium.My brother just bought borderlands 2, cause i convinced him to buy it so we could play together. Feel sorry for him, he still hasnt been able to play with me. Cause im only in the weekends available atm :confused:

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Thank you

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@ps4jay2 @Hitec1950 @Kenzie229 @dogstar13, you all England? @tesanmartin, Sweden?

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Yep UK here as well.


PS4 for extra confirmation

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Hey Z, yeah UK based. Connection is still a bit eratic, maybe #PSNSaturday should be
changed to #PSNWeekly?


Scotland but yeah, close enough :slightly_smiling:


@GUNZERKUS has described what happens to me nail on the head, verbatim practically.

From the first weekend in february these problems have persisted, I managed to convince my friend to play last night as it was a weekday, low and behold we played with no issue for 5hours last night!

If me and same friend try on friday-sunday unless we hit the early morning shift, we will most certainly be back to square 1, IE what @GUNZERKUS posted.

I’m sorry for the multiple threads and a bit GBX bashing. This game is incredibly fun solo and I have wasted 3-4 saturdays trying over and over and over to play coop as solo play doesnt really interest me in this game anymore.

Thanks for the response

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@rockshox00 @dogstar13 and @gunzerkus together supported a most happy chap from Deutschland - happy because of reaching op 8 but as happy since he had tried all Saturday and Sunday to connect with somebody, anybody for help without the PSN letting him in - meaning a 4 man team through the peak unlocking op 6 - 8 last night (Monday night CET) without a single interruption (apart from @rockshox00 dropping her underpants
at any given opportunity).

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Haven’t been playing this week but had the same problem as you all. So in Sweden as well!

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Distraction works wonders, I emptied your respective backpacks while u was all looking the other way. Me @kenzie229 have some sweet gear now. Many thanks :kissing_heart:

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Conclusion: 95% (awaiting reply from @Hitec1950 ) of the most devoted GBX gamers AND most active
GBX forum posters on the #PSNSaturday weekend issue are physically located in Europe.

That is Belgium, England, Germany, Iceland, Scotland, Spain and Sweden confirming the same problem.

@JoeKGBX, we are all interested in reading the GBX response.

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Spain, PS4, I have problems saturday and sunday afternoon.

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Yea, definitely noticed that. Like I said above, we’re discussing it internally and making sure we’re notifying the right people. As soon as we have more info, you guys will be the first to know! :slightly_smiling:

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Sorry guys been busy. I have been using the “load a different game first” workaround and that seems to be working for us OK. 2K are wanting to close my ticket so we tried this weekend to just play as normal and low and behold we started getting disconnects so I told them to leave it open. By the way I’m UK as well.

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haha i just wanted to ask the same question :smiley: Can someone pls keep us posted, i cant play this weekend cause i have some big deadlines to finish this weekend. :confused:


My friends and I are from the US though…

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Yea, you are the 5% :white_check_mark:

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It’s the weekend is it misery or happy gaming???


Yeah I have saturday evening free and really all i have to do is coop this :frowning: