Online broke on consoles

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Played yesterday, Thursday 3rd March, using the “load different game” method and had a disconnect so it’s not just limited to the weekends.
2K/GBX are working on a fix/patch and will let us know via twitter when it is available.
Until then we can only hope the datastream continues to flow.

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Hello weekend


Should probably use this time as an opportunity to get a couple of mules levelled up

Edit: is LAN working? I assume it shud be fine just want to make sure

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Saturday still getting kicked from Co op games in the UK


yeah, I’m U.S. and occasionally have problems with bl2. There is no pattern to getting kicked. Sometimes during transition sometimes random moments and maps. It’s been going same as what everyone else says…weekends and people on friends list.

It first started on tps but that’s not really a problem anymore, coarse, I don’t really play it that much.

I and friend usually restart the game…sometimes it works sometimes not…whatever, I’ll do something else :disappointed:.

Wondering if clearing cache would help? Is that even a thing on playstaion? It was a thing on xbox360.

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Everything else on psn works fine other than bl2 again the weekend. Over a month now this as been going on seriously it is taking the piss. It’s not even funny if this was a brand new game that had just been launched I’m sure there would be people round the clock sorting the problem out as loss of sales would not be tolerated.

Very angry and dissatisfied player of a much loved game


Damn :frowning: LAN got cancelled so was hoping a miracle may have struck

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Just tried to play the Pre-sequel on PS4 Sat 5th March 17:00 GMT and could not get the game to set up a session. Kept asking me to check my network connection even though it said I was connected to PSN and Shift. I restarted the PS4 3 times with the same problem. Could not gat an online session going at all.

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There was a fix for this on ps3, where you had to save a backup of your profile data to preserve the BAR, skins, golden keys, etc, then re-download the last compatibility pack and restart and copy back the profile save.
Anybody know how to do this on Ps4?

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I’m on ps4 and the same thing mentioned in the forum seems to be happening to myself and three friends also. We can join the lobby together but as soon as it puts us in game we seem to “lag out” and it disconnects us. Similar to what everyone else has been saying. It is NOT our connection or anything on our end. Every other game works.

Let me know if there is any fix, thanks Gearbox! A month ago someone complained about the same thing and it’s still not fixed! Great!

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Yet again?! It’s effin pathetic, you should all be sacked! I’m sorry but if I was this crap at doing what I was paid to do I would be effin ashamed!!:rage:

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Fix UR shiz gearbox shizwear scrubs I just wanna play

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Hi @ericiscool4, please see my responses above. We’re aware and looking into it. As soon as we have an update, we’ll let everyone know ASAP! Thanks for your patience! :grinning:


So I played 4player co-op flawlessly last night, with public matchmaking, my friend and I couldn’t connect as friends, so he played Black Ops instead.

For 4hours no disconnects not even lag, it was working as intended… In public matchmaking.

Here’s the thing, I’ve tried this before but to no avail. So last night I changed my DNS to an American one, since this seems to be a European problem so that might be something… I don’t know, just trying to help I may have just been super lucky. Time was 9pm - 1am GMT


It happens in the U.S. also…not sure why others aren’t really complaining about it. Maybe not as often as you guys experience. We just try restart the game, (usually it works) or fly solo or give up and play something else. Frustrating indeed.

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It’s a canadian issue also…

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Still a swedish issue…

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Issues issues issues I like solutions better.
@kenzie229 @dogstar13 @gunzerkusI have norfleeted myself in my gaming chair somewhere in the UK, it seemed an honourable mercy death due to the frustration felt on said topic of conversation.


Yes I know it’s being discussed INTERNALY. I can get out of the leviathans INTERNALS FASTER.