Online broke on consoles


Looks like I just got lucky on Saturday as Canadia and America suffer also it seems. Oh well, I’ll continue with my American DNS until it.stops working

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@JoeKGBX, I’m on Xbox1, I am going to put this here although I have not had as much of a problem as others have had. Mainly giving some observations that may help.
I had one person over the weekend that I power leveled in TPS (Saturday night), after I power leveled him in my game, he invited me to his game to help with a few bosses. When I tried to join him over multiple times that night it gave me the message quoted above. Even though he had just been in my game.
Sunday night, same person, before midnight I got the same message every time I tried to join, just after midnight I was able to join him to help finish his NVHM, then when he ended the game to start TVHM and invite me, I started getting the same message again.
he is in California and I am in Indiana.

as I said this hasn’t been that much of a problem for me, but thought that any info you get might help solve it for the others.

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Bl2 starting to break mid week now exact same problems as at the weekend.

And still no official response!!!


Mid-week as in Thursday?

I believe this is already a reported problem, any sooner and I’m worried.

Getting the division for next weekend as I am sick of this crap.

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Yes. Thursday. Unfortunately.

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Yep, we had probems again Thursday.

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Passing this on to the team. Thanks guys!


Still having problems with connecting to online games.

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#PSNSaturday (5)

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The servers for the Division are not very good from what my friends have told me and there are many glitched/buggy trophies :frowning:.

I’ve not had a chance to play BL2 recently but other games still have major connection problems at the weekend :frowning:.


That’s frustrating, none of my COD buddies have expressed PSNSaturdays maybe they just don’t realise.

Managed to get a couple of online games yesterday, I’m levelling my mech so just put public on and got a couple hours in the morning with people then ended up solo the rest of the afternoon which i can only figure is this recurring issue.

Just keeping this updated.

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Bit of #PSNSaturday, yesterday (Wednesday) night CET, we had … yes …

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So it started Wednesday night this week? And went through Sunday?

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Wednesday night, as in last night, disco’s occured in both random match-making and friends’ list.

Not all the time or every time, but a number of times.

However, Wednesday is a deviation from the weekend pattern, hence my notification.

Sunday is yet 3 days away, as today is Thursday.

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Still no explanation or fix still an ongoing issue.

Just reading few other posts unrelated and one was about moded items wow that guy was shot down in an instant by moderators etc. Like he had the plague of death upon him.

Wish same enthusiasm was shown for the on going connection issues would have been fixed same day. Not 2 months later still broke consoles.

Jesus and I love the dictatorship of the forum it’s so refreshing to see posts closed that don’t conform to the ideas of others, not like we’re all adults and can have an intellectual conversation about topics an on going issues. The fact that no one is willing to engage with users and gamers in a manner that satisfies both parties says everything.

I know me and my friends absolutely love this game spend hundreds of hours in it investing time n effort, playing and helping people, basically keeping yours and our game alive.

The lack of information flowing our way is frankly shocking and to a point disappointing, I can for one minute understand you don’t know what the problem is.

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Obviously not the right people.

#PSNSaturday (6)

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Sunday 20/03/16

This evening is just a joke cannot connect to match making games, can connect then get disconnected, friends games are as bad.


And the only reason I don’t unleash a torrent of abuse is that I ACTUALLY CARE but dropping in on the forum and being an active bl2 gamer.


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Got to agree with Rockshox. Sunday PM GMT I can’t even get online. Tried three times, starting other games in between, but each time I knew I was in trouble when it tookk soooo long to sync my profile. Then it would create a session, I’d try and joinn a friend and be told to check my cables and internet connection. Sigh, you’d think there;d be a bit more feed back from the developers as to where they are with sorting the problem.

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Letting you know.


Okay. We get that you’re frustrated. No-one, anywhere, wants this situation. Not you, and definitely not Gearbox.

However, being angry about technical issues doesn’t confer any special rights to breach the forum rules. If you haven’t read them: please go and read them. If you have any comments about the moderators, use a polite pm. We’re an approachable bunch. (Amazingly enough, hardly any of us wear dark uniforms with suspicious red and black emblems.)

If you have any comments about gbx, please be constructive. They want people to play their games, which is why they are working on a fix. I’m pretty sure that they won’t update until they are certain of a working, reliable, tested, fix. Until they have that, I doubt we’ll get much in the way of specific info about what they are working on. This doesn’t mean that they aren’t working on a solution. They are.

Thanks for your patience and technical info. That stuff will help solve the problem. Abusive posts will do nothing at all to speed things up, and may ultimately result in your access here being restricted.