Online broke on consoles

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Thanks, @Psychichazard, in regards to the most substantial GBX-associated response yet in this 120+ posts long customer relations thread.

If hardly any, then, inevitably: Who does? :blrpg:


I’m not at liberty to discuss that.

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The plot thickens.


I’ve said too much already.

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I think we all understand what you’re trying to tell us, friend:
1 more word from you … and your access to these forums risks being restricted.


I’m currently being advised by my lawyer regarding this issue.

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Hey @Psychichazard, that is indead the most wordy response to a major problem
for all that love this game, thank you. However, although there are a lot of words
there is no new information, but I’m sure we all appreciate the thinly veiled threat
to restrict our access. I’m certain none of us wants to be abusive, we are all just
so frustrated at not been able to play a beloved game with friends!

@GUNZERKUS called this 6 weeks ago with #PSNsaturday and there’s still no
informative response other than “we are looking into it” or the classic “notifying
the right people”, maybe it’s time to start tweeting Gearbox to get some action?
With Battleborn coming out they will not want negative but polite and constructive
feedback at this time…just a thought?

In the meantime, thanks to you and all mods for doing the best you can, we all
appreciate it!


Right. I don’t have any more information. I’m just a mod, I don’t have any particular privileged insight into bug solving; I’m only going on what I’ve gleaned from hanging around this place for a few years.

Gbx don’t like to give people false hope, and the fallout that entails, so they don’t give out info that they aren’t sure is accurate. This is clearly a complex issue, and I’m confident that they have devoted all the resources that they can to solve it. I absolutely guarantee that gbx would love there to be a quick, simple, easy fix. But code is tricky stuff…you have to find out what causing the problem, It’s easy to break something else with every change made…so any changes needs testing…and approval from Sony…and so on.

I’m also sure that they devote resources according to the scale of the coding problem, and not to the amount of tweets about it. They know the problem exists. They know we want it fixing. And so do they. I can’t stress this enough. This is not about fearing public outrage. They want people to play and enjoy their games! If there’s a fix, they will fix it. I have no doubt whatsoever about that. Look at the previous connection issues, they took a long time to work out, but gbx worked at it until they got it resolved. This is no different.

Regarding this forum: all of the mods were players and forum users before getting a fancy purple name. We have invested our free time in maintaining a strong and positive community for the benefit of everyone who comes here. We are the ones who, alongside the regular users, have stopped the trolls and haters from taking hold here. We do this by being quite deliberately intolerant of people who can’t see that the one thing an online community needs to survive is mutual respect of each other and our hosts. That wasn’t a threat. It’s just the truth. If people want a voice, they have it here. It will be heard. But only if they can abide by the fairly straightforward ruleset. Why waste it for the sake of insulting complete strangers from behind a keyboard?

We wrote those rules to make sure that people can say whatever they want to say, as long as they do so without getting personal. I can guarantee that no-one has ever, ever been banned for holding and expressing any particular opinion. There are certain topics- third party software (especially on consoles, which breaches both user and corporate agreements) for example- that directly conflict with the game being played as gearbox intended, which is what this place is all about. That’s the exception, and there is no room for compromise on that. There are plenty of other places for people to talk about how, when, and why they cheat. This will never be one of them. Within those constraints, you can say what you want, but how it is said is what will determine how long you get to say it for.

TL:DR: the frustration is understandable, but venting here won’t actually achieve anything at all. When there’s some reliable, useful, and significant development, I’m sure we’ll hear about it. Until then, keep up with providing info that may lead to a fix. Thanks.

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The 1 thing - in particular in the Internet interaction age we live in - companies benefit from more than anything, apart from retailing in functioning product, is transparency when it comes to problems suddenly, unexpectedly and directly affecting their customer base.

This is true about delays, in particular - airlines, train companies and hospitals alike have all learned that: Nothing provokes people forced to wait in line like lack of information. And, nothing soothes like a bit of it.

With respect, we have been showing the patience asked of us for 6, approaching 7, weeks now - plus - provided all sorts of detailed observations as to when, how and geographically where the disco issue occurs.
That is - at least - what the customer base (and in this context fan base) can show for itself.

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Hey @Psychichazard, I appreciate your candid reply, did you set out to make it more
wordy? lol

Peace & love to all mods, you do a fantastic job. :smiley:


I don’t disagree with anything you’ve said in particular. But I think that the kind of info that you seem to be requesting just isn’t yet available in any useful form.

I know we’d all love to hear about what gearbox are working on…but what if that doesn’t prove fruitful? Then, I’m sure , there’d be accusations of them ‘stringing people along’ or ‘incompetence’ or ‘dishonesty’ and so on and so on. This feels like a damned-if-they-do-and-damned-if-they-don’t kind of situation. The only thing that really matters is that they do the best they can to fix it. Which they are. Joe has repeatedly thanked everyone for their patience and info, I’m just echoing that. It’s truly appreciated.

But I do feel bound to remind people to try to rein in their anger, however justified it may be, for their own good. And I do understand that many of you have done, and continue to do so. That’s equally important and valued.


Cool, played fine on Monday without issues; yesterday I got disconnected from my friends game, but after a minute he was able to join me and we played for a while with no interruptions. Let us know when you have more information.

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Wednesday, guy from california who I’m helping level, cannot connect to my game but can connect to ramdoms. Had no problems since Monday leveling him issues started tonight he joined once then was disconnected 30 seconds later now cannot connect to my game at all I believe his error message failed to connect

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PS4 player from the U.S. here. My friend and I first started experiencing this issue on Sunday, March 20th. We’ve played everyday since then, generally starting around 9 P.M. central time, & the problem has persisted. Initially we chalked it up to our internet speeds but after conducting multiple speed tests, and more importantly having seen this thread, we now know that is not the case. We planned to do co-op for our first playthrough of the game but these past few days the disconnects have been happening so frequently that we’ve considered just finishing it off solo.

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Played fine in Co op up until 2130 gmt then started being disconnected from games even random games

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Played all day Friday and evening with no issues

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@JoeKGBX easter weekend was much better in Co op with little or no disturbances did get kicked couple times and odd fail to connect but not nearly as bad as it as been previously. :grin:

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Last night (Friday April 1 2016 CET) as bad as ever.

I was disco’d and instathrown offline 28 times (counted) when joining multi thru all 3 means available:
friends’ list + quick match + match browser.

And to add insult to injury, last night was when I renewed my PS+ subscription for another 12 months (Battleborn, for what it’s worth, here’s looking at you :beers:) …

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@Jmababa, please, do read the entire thread, oki …? #PSNSaturday

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Is there any word as to when we can expect a fix for this or as to what the cause might be?