Online broke on consoles

(Karlfletcher) #146

Hi Gearbox…just looking to add mine and my misses frustration at this also! This is 1 of our favourite games, we have put hundreds of hours into this on the 360 and xbox one. But the last week or so, after a long night in Caustic Caverns, we are no longer able to join games. That is neither of us, even via quick match or checking on the match browser.

Our NATS were originally set to Strict and Moderate after moving to Virgin a month ago. After much playing around I have eventually brought a new router and set my superhub to modem only…consequently opening the NAT on both xboxs. I can join other people in all other games, but not BL2 or TPS.

I appreciate you are trying to can you please try harder :slight_smile: keen to get back online! The game just isn’t the same without Co-Op.

Info…we are in the UK on xbox ones, can’t connect during the week or at weekends, with our existing characters or new ones.

(Renz0) #147

So, I just bought the game this weekend, was unable to join any game online. Read through this thread, thought I’d respond.

Xbox One, played all weekend, different times, unable to join a game at any point. All other online games worked (The Division, Minecraft, CoD). West Coast.

(Vault Hunter - Borderlands Addict) #148

I get this pretty often myself. I have tried “work-around’s” :slight_smile:

After a failed attempt to join a friends game I try the following:

  • change my status from “Friends Only” to “Public” >When “Updating Session” finishes, I attempt to join my friends game for the 2nd time.

If that didn’t work, I then try this:

  • Change my status from “Public” back to “Friends Only” >When “Updating Session” finishes(again), I attempt to join my friends game for the 3rd time now.

If that didn’t work, I try this:

  • select “matchmaking”, then “browse for games” When it finds games for me to join, I attempt to join my friends game from that menu, which has worked for me several times now.

It’s what I call my “work around” lol. It has worked for me quite a bit. It’s not 100% but it’s better then giving up.

Hard booting the console sometimes helps me out as well. But that is a bit of a pain.

(Is this thing on?) #149

Do you tend to leave your console on all the time? I usually turn off between sessions (but then I’m also often switching between 360 and XB1, and I don’t want to risk them both trying to sync the same file at the same time!)

(Vault Hunter - Borderlands Addict) #150

No. I don’t have it updated automatically. I like to know when my console updates. So I have it on manual. I have to turn on my xbone when I get home. Unless my wife has the movies going for our 3 yr old. I just purchased Kung Fu Panda 3, so it may be on at this very moment. LOL

I am not positive, but I don’t think there is a risk of that. When I was transferring my saves from the 360 to the 1, I had them both logged on at the same time and never experienced an issue. That being said, I don’t have them both on at the same time while I’m gaming typically.

I have accidentally left my 360 on, and went to my xbone and gamed all night. realized the next morning(due to the hum the 360 has while idle) that I hadn’t turned off my 360. So I have gamed with both on(by accident) without an issue. :acmaffirmative:

They are on different platforms, and don’t think you run the risk of the game file save syncing simultaneously. I would imagine the two platforms code/protocol would be unique to themselves and not share in that manner. That’s just my “two cents” on that. :wink:

Constant Connection Failure issues
(LunaticOne) #151

yes, is happening to me a lot also. The times that really tick me off are when I am in a game with friends, then leave to switch toons and go to rejoin and can’t, it is worse on the weekends but it has now spread to the rest of the week also.

But what @Kurtdawg13 says does help, not always, but a lot of times

(leonerog) #152

It has been awful the past two Fridays. It got to the point where we gave up and played solo.

(Sinful Ace) #153

Pretty sure, this is on their end. I feel it has something to do with their previous patch. I’ve been able to connect with my friends by constantly closing the game and/or asking my friend to leave their game and start it up again. One friend of mine even had to clear their cache in order to join the game, lol. Anyway, I hope this helps.


I haven’t really had issues lately, but this morning it decided to start doing the ole’ check network cables and configuration again. Anyone else?

(LunaticOne) #155

yep, getting it some still, but mostly since I host open games or PL sessions, it’s the ones trying to join that tell me they cant connect. along with the standard error message you mention others are “Games you are trying to join is full” and it’s not, “Game Not Joinable”

(leonerog) #156

It’s a constant struggle trying to get my four person group going on our Friday play date. When we finally connect you could mistake us for the Nintendo 64 kid.


Hey guys!! Long time, so I had to take a break from the game as for me Borderlands is a multiplayer experience after beating it solo so many times.

So I found myself wanting to play last night and did so, got my ass handed to me in UVHM on Gaige as i left her in a bit of a mess :frowning: so i proceed to join a couple of games only to get booted by host or disconnect…

Wasnt getting asked about my cables but is this the same stuff happening when this thread was first created.

TLDR; can i play online yet?

(Has an extensive er-otter-ca collection) #158

There’s a lot of thread here so I’m not sure if this has been covered, but one work around I’ve found pretty reliably fixes the issue temporarily is to reboot the console, at least on Xbone.


Unfortunately I cant see me playing again until i know this is fixed

(Fog_Boj) #160

Lol 2017 STILL NOT WORKING AT ALL, we all got ■■■■■■

(Is this thing on?) #161

It works. You just have to give it a kick (toggle to private and back, or temporarily join an open public game) from time to time. Irritating when you don’t manage to connect first time, though.

(LunaticOne) #162

while I wholly agree with you that this is something that should have been fixed and over with by 6 months ago and seeing how its 3 months into 2017 will probably never be fixed (heres hoping the next Borderlands game does not have that problem).

It’s as @VaultHunter101 says there are workarounds that will make it work almost 95% of the time.
they are,

  1. spam the Join button, I’ve had times when me and a friend is farming eridium or such, where I leave his game and rejoin his game with a new toon just to be timed out, then hit join again and get into his game as if nothing was wrong.
  2. Join a random match game and then join your friends game.
  3. try a new toon, try other different toons if you have several.
  4. if it persists then exit the game and restart it.
  5. still don’t work, turn the XB1 off and restart it and the game.
  6. and if all that doesn’t work turn the XB1 off, unplug it for a few seconds then turn it back on.

and if all that fails (that’s been happening to me a little more often of late) just play the game solo (can have it open to public just in case) and hope to be able to join the next night.

(Fog_Boj) #163

See i literally cannot join a game, i get into main menu of borderlands 2, and it tells me i am not connected to the internet, then if i do get it to work, i have serious lag if i join my friend, or my friend joins me, either way, horrible lag, even though when we press starr, we are both at 4 healthy green bars

(Is this thing on?) #164

It sounds like something is badly broken with your game installation, because I can honestly say I’ve never seen that bad of an issue. What is your NAT type set to? Anything funky in your privacy settings? If the game tells you you’re not connected to the internet and you go into the games network options menu, what options are you able to select? What geographic region are you in?

(redibrah) #165

Happy new year everyone!

This is still an issue and it’s 2019 kinda embarrassing to say the least. My friend and I just got BLHC on sale for PS4 and can’t get by in BL2 more than half an hour or max one hour without getting kicked and then unable to reconnect to each other until one of us resets our console. Is there any updated workarounds to allow for more extended sessions? Or is the best hope the workaround posted above? Thanks in advance hope to be able to enjoy BL2 online co op reliably.

P.s: haven’t tried TPS yet cos wanted to finish B2 first, is that game having the same prob? Thnx again