Online Connection Problem

Anyone having the problems to connect session?
My frd and I tried many times to play together, but not succeed.

Yea I’m having issues in both games, trying to play with someone on my friends list and we keep getting disconnected, check network cables and figuration, etc.

Both of us checked the network configure and reset once again, but still having problem…

Hey guys!

I just read this and hopped on to see what was the issue.

I believe it is Network Maintenance for the PS networks, as the same issue occurred (and a pop up claiming so) when I tried accessing TLOU online MP.

Have the same problem :frowning:
But I’m experiencing the problem since yesterday evening. Don’t know what is wrong. Playstation status page is telling me all services online, but I get disconected every few seconds/minutes.

What the ■■■■ is wrong??? Fix this problem asap please!!!

Same thing here, real pain in the ass!!

Where do you guys come from? I’m from germany

Would Gearbox please give some feedback??

I m from Hong Kong.
Also facing this issue from yesterday, before that, everything is fine, not sure what’s wrong…

I 2 got the PSN maintenance prompt here on Iceland last night + everybody in friends list was playing 1/4 + matchmaking attempts showed a “No games found.” result, i e, all signs pointing in the same direction.

And while I do understand the reasons for/purpose of maintenance … I do not understand the Sony Corporation choice of scheduling maintenance during Friday and Saturday nights which imho equals peak gaming hours. And this is not the first Friday/Saturday instance, either.

Furthermore, to make matters worse, these maintenance timing decisions affect the PS4 (vs PS3) online gaming community - where all of us are paying a separate and additional fee to be Plus service members. Paying, to have unlimited access to the PSN.

Duh! is the word.

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Yeah, the timing was poor to say the least. You’d think it would be on a Tuesday or something, like when I’ve seen steam do it.

Odd choice by Sony, but perhaps there was a reason behind it that we may not be aware of.

Just try the connection, still the same…
I think it may not fully due to ps network maintenance, as no issue when played GTA

Hope Gearbox can fix it

Same here

Still have connection probs. I only switch session to “online - only friends” and after a few seconds, while I’m still in the main menue I get the message "session no longer available…

Don’t think the reason is the sony maintenance…

Please fix it gearbox! Sucks ass - I want my platinum trophy finished with a friend :frowning:

Me and my friends are having the same problems. It’s very hard to get into the same game and then when we do one of us will get kicked within 5-10 mins.
Very frustrating, I hope it gets sorted ASAP.

I might be the only 1 but I am today (Sunday) still getting “Maintenance” prompts from PSN.

However, odder than anything, I’m getting them in spite of now being able to play 4/4, again. We have, as example, been slaying all 5 rounds at Fink’s + Terra in the last hour without any probs.

Beats me …

As of today I’ve experienced no PS4 maintenance prompts.

Should this still be an issue please contact the Helpdesk;

Same for me Z.

I already sent this issue to help desk, hope they can fix it asap.

Did you guys manage to resolve this? I saw no mentions of any maintenance on PSN during the weekend… But then again their status updates have never been that great ,and they’re usually delayed in reporting errors - reddit is more reliable!

I tested my network settings extensively over the weekend and ended up with NAT, but had IP fragmentation. I manually set the MTU to 1500 (which i thought was the default?) and that seemed to get the error message away.

The funny thing is, I’ve never seen the IP fragmentation issue until this weekend.

I will be trying a wired connection today, and I hope it works, as I wasted my spare time in the weekend not being able to play at all.

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Just tried it at this moment and it keeps disconecting us…10 secs in a party - “session no longer available”

This is a real pain in the ass!!!

What is wrong gearbox? Say something about this or fix it!