Online Coop Campaign

Can you play online coop with just 2 people or do you need all 5?

Sure, in a private lobby. I do it with my cousin all the time. If you mean a PUBLIC lobby; no i don’t think you can unless three people leave.

Just to add to @HandsomeCam point you also still gain lore challenges in private pve but not private pvp.

@pizzonage Is correct. I do THIS all the time as well.

@HandsomeCam @pizzonage Thanks for the help. I have a friend that I really enjoying gaming with so I’m just looking for 2 player campaign.

No problem, nice to see a new player. Enjoy!

Yep good luck with your stories tip for it is try to avoid splitting up as it causes more spawn packs to start spawning. Not a huge deal in normal but hardcore and advanced it’s safer.