Online coop lags

Everytime I am playing online with my friends, some lags occur. Every 10-15 seconds my last input gets “saved” by the host while I make new inputs and they occur on my screen, just to be reverted to the state where I would be with the last saved input after few seconds. For example, I’m walking forward with W and than press D to walk to the right, on my screen I walk like I should just to be teleported to the position where I would be if I would have pressed W the whole time. Ports are all opened and restarting router didn’t work either.

The person you are joining must have terrible internet.

I play with my friend who has terrible internet and there is intense lag for me too.

I think they are fixing the issues though, it is the first week after all. I think best to be a little patient!

It’s weird cause other games I play don’t lag at all and if I play with friends, I’m the only one with the problem. I think it isn’t a matter of internet connection. I really hope that it is an issue that will get fixed :smiley: