Online Cooperative Play: I Need Convincing

I have been a die hard Borderlands Fan since my co-worker introduced me to it December 2010. I bought Borderlands with Christmas money in January 2011. With Borderlands 2, I felt that it was destiny that it came out on my birthday, September 18th. I stepped outside of my comfort zone and pre-ordered a day 1 copy and season pass shortly after.

In short, I love all things Borderlands; except one thing…Online Coop. I desperately have tried to get my friends and family to play, but no other gamers I know are interested in Borderlands the way I am. I play split-screen with the Mrs., and even though she enjoys the game, she is not a hardcore fan or gamer for that matter.

I strongly want to be able to play in a tight knit group or occasional PUGs but have learned that other gamers are not interested in playing the game the same way I do. Here is a list of the slew of problems I have encountered playing Borderlands and Borderlands 2 online.

  1. The over-compensator. "Hey, watch me clean this entire map in 10 seconds. No, you don’t have to help or even be present for that matter. "

  2. The mute: The kind of guy that insists his XBOX One did not come with a headset.

  3. The wanderer: The guy that insists on dragging your ass to somewhere else on the same map or to another map altogether.

  4. The leech: “PWR LVL PLZ”

  5. The ninja: “Oh I’m sorry, did you want that Norfleet!?” /leave game

  6. The @sshole: TROLL-LA-LA-LA-LA-LA!

  7. The “nice” guy: I seem to have dropped a myriad of loot that may or may not be modded. If anyone asks…you didn’t see anything.

  8. The elitist: “Yeah, DUDE! I know it’s been an hour, but I’m still waiting for my friend.” /boot

  9. The guy who would be hardcore: “Yeah man, I still play Borderlands but the new Assassin’s Creed game just came out and I haven’t grown tired of it’s recycled gameplay yet.”

I realize these are all human behaviors that are present in almost every online gaming experience, but it seems especially rampant in Borderlands. As I said before, I would love to play with a tight knit group but have not had luck in finding them. Granted it’s been a while since I checked.

If anyone can convince me that all hope is not lost, I will keep an open mind.

P.S. I am playing TPS with the Mrs. at the moment and have vowed to not continue forward without her. I am playing BL2 solo else wise.


Are you on PC? if so I would invite you to our discord channel where few of the forums members hang out and play Borderlands2 / TPS / GTAV / Evolve / Rocket League.

All the problems you listed do not exist here, public online is always terrible, (even in Evolve).

I am not. I am on XBOX One (Cue the guy that says “There’s your sign”). I appreciate the invitation though. Means a lot.

Unfortunately I’m still on 360, but I met a few folks through these forums who have already made the transition to XB1. I suggest posting over here and simply stating your play-style/preferences.

Eventually I will go a-looking for friends in this forum, but I wanted to see if anyone has had a different experience than me.

Publicly, my experience has been largely the same. With some heads from this forum, it’s been pretty fun (mostly to be able to try out some team-based skills). Finding a crew that actually plans things out, builds/loads for the benefit of the team over the player, and plays their role correctly is possible, but I’ve never seen it (I get that fix from another game). If the players don’t hemorrhage legendary gear or try to take over the host’s game, I call it a good time.

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Never seen much good come from random players joining a game, but plenty of frustration. Once in a while you’ll get someone who’s decent, but then someone else will join and ruin it. Friends/Invite is the way to go.


I play on the 360, but the group I play with, I culled from hosting open games, I would/still host open games just to see who drops in, then write the GT’s down who played along the same lines of how I wanted to play, then send them a message afterword’s asking them if they would like to play the game more. then when your sure send or accept an FR. I’ve built up a group of around 8 that I play the Borderlads games with


This is sound advice. Thank you.

We obviously were separated at birth, alas I’m on Ps4.

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Damn…say it isn’t so.

My gamertag is Matrixneo42. I know how you feel. Recently though I’ve also felt like the online is mostly vacant too. I’d love to play some presequel later when you’re ready. Perhaps when you’ve finished it with your wife and want to play another character in the 50s plus levels.

Yay! Thanks. Sounds like fun.