Online features don't work

Yeah, even though it says that my Shift Account is logged in, all menus in Social says that I’m not.
No matter how much I wait, it doesn’t register hotfixes.

More importantly, the Cartel event claims that its “unavailable”. And I can’t find the Borderlands Science machine. I know where it’s supposed to be and its gone.

I’ve tried everything, from resetting my router to verifying it in Epic.

What the hell is going on? Can somebody please help me? There are limited time events going on and I can’t even partake!

Bump, as this is still ongoing.

I have now clean reinstalled the entire 91G game. That’s a weeks worth of downloading with satellite internet- and I had to wait until the end of the month so that I didn’t sap up all of the 150G allowance.

Please, speak up! Has anyone else had this problem??

@Norse_Dragon Does your online status have any of the following: envelope only friends can be invited and it also means that you are online.
Globe anyone can join at anytime in game.
X which means your offline.
This is at the character menu screen. Hope this helps.

No I don’t see anything like that. Though I don’t even have any friends as I don’t play online, I just go it solo.

All the online features such as the Cartel event says in red “currently unavailable”.

I’m finding that it’s a Teredo blockage, as this is happening to me on other games as well.

That’s odd. It only shows on consoles. Not sure about pc. So good luck getting help here.

I’m not familiar with this stuff, but I did find a video with a shell command to disable Teredo:

Were you actually trying to connect to XBox Live from your PC? Not sure why this would be affecting someone playing a game that is Steam/Epic but not part of the MS ‘play anywhere’ system.

I’m not trying to play XBox on my PC. I’m finding that I can’t play online with any of my games.

I found the XBox status out of desperate curiosity while checking the Network options. I didn’t check this before because, hey I don’t play XBox, but I found it’s blocked. And it says “This may impact your ability to play multiplayer games”

Does disabling it help with the main problem at all? I read a little bit about what this things does. It wasn’t clear to me if it would be used only for the XBox app on PC, or if it’s also part of the system (since it deals with IPv6/IPv4 issues)

I’m trying updating Windows 10 directly from that sight, that’s helped some before.

You see, the damn thing doesn’t even pick up any Tereno Adapters when I look for it in Device Manger with hidden sources shown as the tutorials all ask.

I’m hoping this update will act as a system equivalent to Verify Integrity, so to speak.

Edit: Solved. My suspicion was correct- it is my internet provider.

Forgive the double-post but I sent an inquiry to my internet provider and have a theory as to what might be going on.
Having done everything under the sun on the matter- I’m wondering if it’s something on there end.

You see this did start when the Social Distancing did. On the first couple of weeks they even sent me an e-mail about the high traffic due to everybody and their mothers their munchkins still being all online at the same time.
And furthermore this is satellite internet.

I have a feeling that this could be an adverse affect due to the adjustments they made, you know, like a data valve broke or something.

Ouch. That bites. I’m assuming that realistically you don’t have too many options where you;re located.

Yeah. It turns out my current package is no longer an option were I to change.

It’s a very “Tortoise and the Hare” balancing decision here, and they have a month long race, figuratively speaking. My data is reset at the end of every month.

The ‘turtle’ might be much slower, but can steadily go the distance. While the ‘hare’ can go faster, it can wear out much easier and would need to pace itself, it’s high speed capability being rendered merely situational in the long run. And a whole month can be a very long slog.

(To put it another way- think of the jogging scene in Heartbreak Ridge. As it stands, my plan is like Clint Eastwood in this situation. )

As it stands now, I might have restricted online gaming capabilities, I’m still considering making that sacrifice.

That’s a shame though, as I’d really love to try Borderlands Science, which is locked out.
I like the thought of helping scientists in their research. It’s a two-birds with one stone situation, seeing as it’s built into one of my favorite games.
I was planning on making it a ritual of visiting BLS every time I played even.