Online Latency and Rubber Banding is HORRIIIBBLLEEE

This game is literally still unplayable due do the horrible Latency and Rubber Banding in online multipalyer, good god Gearbox…how pathetic was your launch??

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Multiplayer is based on Host providing for the others.I’ve met a lot of random people that just search in the wrong region or hosted games are in the wrong region.Thus unsuspectingly creating games with delay for others , or joining in the wrong region thus bound to have delay.

Keep that inmind before making such constructive topic without argumentation

PS.Host’s ingame loading and game handling is also important and can create tons of rubberband and delay.

I know its P2P, that’s the pathetic part…its 2019, with all the money Gearbox has there is no reason not to have dedicated servers, i play tons of online games with superior internet…ive never seen a game have this bad of hosting …ALL THE TIME…

I don’t think you should be angry at gearbox as P2P is very simplified way to make connection between users and you can run a setup like that on your own PC without having much trouble loading a couple of parties.

So no the problem is that people with mobile internet decide to host games.Thats bound to happen from time to time.

If the host has good internet and in the same region I highly doubt youll have issues.

P2P is the cheap way …sadly, it creates a horrible experience half the time…but in this game ive had latency every single game…that’s not normal…and yes im in the NA region, so there has to be something with the NET Code on Gearbox’s end.

Yeah its one of the cheapest variants.I understand your frustration.But I cant say the same.On ocasion when bored I join for some PG,and most of the times its smooth.EU Region.