Online Matchmaking not working!

I can not play online matchmaking coop at all.

Either I join a game and then get disconnected or it doesn’t connect at all. I can find and join games but can never stay in one. I have tried about a hundred times and same thing.

I can play fortnite fine and other games on steam etc.

Is anyone else having the same problem and can not get into online coop?

The whole reason I bought this game is to play on coop with others.

Anyone else!? Please help I want to play coop!

As farm as im concerned the matchmaking doesnt even work, ive had maybe 2 people join my game and i have it on public 24/7 and every time i search for proving grounds or anything hours will go by and i wont find anything. seems tho the games just busted i have several support tickets that got a sentance worth of reply and no follow up to several problems.


tried MM last night to get over killkillavolt, and i was astonished how BAD this was … it like they forgot to add this feature. in B2 it was nice and tidy, you queue up, get the games displayed and then you select the one that was “closest” to your needs… (i wished they had mission wise matchmaking, but hey…) then i got into this level 13 bossfight as a level 14… and was wrecked… no mean to escape no way to stun the boss no room to maneuver and almost the entire floor is electrocuting you and no misions to get second winds… but hey fine… i will do matchmaking…

first match i was paired with one guy trying to kill the boss, but i got spawned on the othe rside of the map and was kicked out of the party, probably because he know i am underlevelled for that level 16 Endboss…

tried again and 5 times i was placed in “some” missions, and had to leave the game to get requeued … wtf ? i cant select any sessions, i never had a single peeps joinig me… and i have no clue how to end a session without having to re-enter the game with my char…

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Same here 9-20-19. The screen to select Campaign, Circle Of Slaughter, Or Proving Grounds not selectable or even there! Just the green matchmaking spinny thing. Anyways I beat Killavolt “finally” only had to up my level 5 frikkin times. That fight is bllsht!!! Even with a “electric resistant” shield I got dropped multiple times. On hard…no f+ckin way I could beat that guy!

Keep getting green spinny thing and cant enter matchmaking either. Stuck trying to kill the big sphere. It was working g earlier today but not anymore

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Same issue on PS4. Currently it just spins. Yesterday it disconnected constantly. 0 issues on other games or streaming services.

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You would think they fix this problem by now. Game was broken out the gate, just like every AAA game these days. Fricken joke

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In main menus under settings switch to the cooperation mode

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I’m having issues matchmaking too. I know my connection and speed are solid. Still can’t find anyone.

I’m also having no luck in matchmaking. I’ve searched Proving Grounds, Circle of Slaughter & Maliwan Takedown, about 30 mins each with no one joining. My party is set to Open to Public with Cooperation as the setting. Nothing works, really kills the mood to play the game… Ill probably drop it and come back when its fixed.

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Same here. I’ve tried multiple matchmaking modes and waited up to 30 minutes each. My network setting is Public.

It’s been months.

Can anyone help?

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I’m having issues matchmaking too. I recognize my connection and speed are solid. Still can’t find anyone.Can anybody help?

The matchmaking in this game is such garbage. Spend an hour searching 1/4. I’ve only gotten a couple games where it found 1 person. Please fix it.

Still can’t find any matches. What the ■■■■ gearbox??? Help?

Agreed. VERY long wait times for any type of matchmaking, especially Maliwan Takedown

I’ve never found on online match for Maliwan Takedown.

Same here.
Could this be related with connexion speed?

check your Windows Firewall settings, you need to allow Buggylands 3 on public or private networks, whichever one Windows thinks you’re on at the time.