Online Multiplayer Connection Issues

My friend and I are trying to play the game online, but we are running into the issue where when one joins the others game we lose connection to one another immediately. We are able to site in PS4 part chat for hours with no issues, but as soon as we join a game in BL3 together the part chat drops and we are disconnected from each-others games.

We’ve both opened ports for PS4, not sure if anyone has any other idea’s or if it is an known issue.

Any help is welcome


This is a problem for my friend and I as well. I’ve been digging around online since yesterday, and there’s a thread here about the same thing. It seems like a problem on Gearbox’s part, sadly.

I would kindly point you here Connection Problems on Ps4 as I’ve submitted a ticket and will be updating this thread with any new information.

I’m hoping both problems have the same resolution. I posted a separate thread because It seems like a different problem.

In the thread you linked, people said the were receiving this error: “Connection to Playstation Network has been lost”. However, I don’t receive this error. Only “You have lost connection from the host” or something like that. And the PS4 party chat gives each of us a message that the other has left the chat.

I wanted to make sure there was visibility into both issues

Oh, clearly I misread your post then. My bad. :X

I’ve made some discoveries through various testing though and from what I can tell it seems just having BL3 open PERIOD makes the connection to PSN (chats and what not included) just DIE. Do a simple test for me. While the game is open run a network test in your PS4 settings and see if it throws a PSN login fail. my wife’s will 100% of the time ONLY when BL3 is up…I almost think it’s like some ports are being blocked or it’s using non-standard ports. but I’m not networking savvy by any means…Wish I knew how to use a program like windsock or some other network traffic monitor to solve this mystery once and for all it’s really starting to bug me

We ran the tests, no errors for the psn login.

We tried turning our PS4’s into DMZ which opens every port, and still experienced the issue.

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Fancy that. So we’re experiencing two completely different networking issues. that’s insane. thanks for humoring me though!

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Did you ever find a fix for this? I was able to fix my problem, see edited post here. it’s long, so TL;DR : Boot into safe mode > Option 4 (or whichever is Reset settings to default…NOT initalize PS4) > set up internet connection > sign into PSN > Test.

Hopefully this helps you too.

Good luck,


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This is an issue with bl2 on ps4 also. Can’t get it to work unless the DHCM aligns. Not fun!!!

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I haven’t picked up BL3 yet, but a bit of networking knowledge. Pulled from

“Typical” ps4 ports are:

  • TCP: 80, 443, 465, 993, 3478, 3479, 3480, 5223, 8080
  • UDP: 3478, 3479

I’ll reply here in a few weeks(life’s busy) and check if it’s still an issue. If it is i’ll See what traffic my ps4 sends out.

FYI, Wireshark is the packet analyzer I learned on, pretty simple and you can filter out all the other devices on your network.

DHCM? I know DHCP but DHCM is outside of my wheelhouse(and google didn’t help) can you type it out for me?

Has there been any updates on this? I have been having no luck recently. And the problems only started since the latest updates for me and my friend on ps4. Cant play together at all. If host opens a menu off host is disconnected and various other bugs

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