Online Multiplayer issue

So I’m trying to play campaign online with others. But every time I join I am matched with the same guy who is doing side quests all the way back in Promethea.
Also yesterday I was looking for a campaign party and I kept getting matched with a guy who was repeating a boss over and over looking for a specific gun.

It was super annoying and I ended up just quitting to desktop and playing again later that day.

Is there any way to avoid this? Maybe a way to not join the same guy again and just sit in queue until I find a party where they are actually doing the campaign?

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Nope. Unfortunately the match making is broken and gives you zero control of who you get matched with. I went into a nvhm mayhem 3 Proving grounds. I was man handling everything by myself. So I finally looked at the other 3 players were level 28-34. No wonder I’m doing all the killing. They’re just tickling the enemies with bad loot. It’s broken. Which is a major downfall imo

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That is very disappointing :frowning: