Online multiplayer lagging like crazy

about half the time when trying to play with people online cooperatively, there is insane lag. if I’m the host, everyone else seems to be lagging, if I’m paired with a group, it’s just me.

Any thoughts on how to fix

specs are:
Intel core i7-6700k - 8 core at 4ghz
32 gb 3.2 ghz ram
Nvidia RTX 2060
game installed on a 500gb nand SSD

any help is appreciated.

latency ? you will have to lead your shot

way too much lag for that. example - last night on the takedown I was about to get on the elevator to the valkyries, only to find myself the next moment falling off that bridge

I’m ok for little bit, then everything fast forwards a few seconds, and I’m hoping that I’m not in FFYL or falling into a pit

if it was just a little lag, I could deal with it, but this is rendering coop unplayable.

edit should note that solo play is perfectly fine with no framerate or stuttering issues, so my guess it appears to be network related.


borderlands has always been bad about high ping environment , theres nothing u can do about , since the game doesn’t compensate for the lag like some others do.

if shooting is a problem , i guess u can practice to lead your shot .

Waaaayyyy to much lag to lead the shot. We’re talking total freezing, then rubber banding to a new location.

My ping outside of BL runs in the low teens, so I’m not sure it’s that…