Online Play Opportunity

I am currently online (ps3 btw) looking for others to rampage around Pandora with. I am currently chasing tubbies and LLMs to complete my collection of legendaries.

Or if you need that extra push levelling up I’d be happy to help (I’m currently playing UVHM at lv. 72, but I can go all the way up to OP8) The only DLC content I have is Scarlett’s, Torgue, Tiny Tina, and Mercenary Day.

Just looking for others to play with for fun, explore around, and (of course) kill enemies with. Just message me and I’ll toss you an invite. I do have a mic, but I only use it when requested so just ask if you want to use them.

PSN: Jody-Bryan

My offer for online co-op is still on the table. If you’re on PS3 and wanting help or just playing for fun, hit me up on my PSN. Offer is only good for a few more hours.

Reviving my offer for a few hours today. Hit me up if you want to partake.