Online play with mic all levels and gear

Yo im online with a mic. Hope u have one too. I got all 0p8 plus all 72 some op3 60 and 50 and 25 lvl characters. Just down for whatever. Hit me up

If you don’t mind playing a new character or helping a newbie to ps3 my psn is Watershel56

Sure. Do u have a mic ?

Yes I do

If you need help i can farm good guns and or things for you

Sure I would love help

Are you running mic-only, or does it matter?

Add me at KID_smurf14

Could you help me get verm at lvl 61 ive been trying and no luck, i need norfleets

Ide prefer mic. So im not talking to myself. Plus discuss trades and drops exc…

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Feel free to add me, I have various leveled characters with different selections of loot… CAPN_DUKE420

I sent you a friend request

I’m level 50 and got a mic Gt vegas_kid23 I’m down to farm or trade