Online Population


There doesn’t seem to be many players online. Is the population low or is the matchmaking still playing up? I’m playing on X1.


Hey @benwhoskin. I moved your post to the Multiplayer and Co-Op section as that would have the largest number of people specializing in X1.

Also, if you’d be interested, I’m sure many of them would be glad to actually get a game going with you! If you’d be so interested.

I now have Xbox 1, bought the Borderlands Disc, but have not loaded it yet, also bought Fallout 4, so have been playing that exclusively for the time being.
will eventually get back to Borderlands, get it loaded and my toons transferred over and start playing and powerleveling

as for FR requests, as stated in my help pages on BL2 and TPS, I delete them, messages for whatever a person is wanting is good enough for the first ½ dozen games or so