Online public issues

Hi there is anyone having issues connecting to both of the borderlands games public servers on the handsome collection? I connected to it once a few days ago and now it won’t connect at all.

Hi there I’m experiencing the same problem with my xbox 360 saves. One day me and my brother started the claptastic voyage dlc and the next day I couldn’t join him. This was before the heads and badass ranks were fixed. I was so frustrated I created a new character save. Today the date is the 5th of April and now my brother is experiencing the same problem. The thing that happens is it comes up on the screen Loading Character sending character data to the host. The only way for us to escape it is by rebooting the game or being kicked from the session. This is on Borderlands TPS by the way. Please fix this.

I’m only telling you of this problem because I can’t play Borderlands TPS UVH mode with my brothers unless you fix this and SOON!