Online Rubberbanding

Whenever I join and play with my friend, my character rubberbands every few seconds. And whenever my friend joins my game and plays with me, he rubberbands. We both have very good internet speeds. My friends PS4 is hardwired to the router while mine is wireless and has very good signal. We’ve never had any rubberbanding issues in any other online game before this and don’t understand why it’s doing it. Is anyone else experiencing this?

I seem to have the same problem on PS4 on both BL titles. Can join and be joined by a friend fine, but over time the connection and rubberbanding get worse and worse till one of us gets dropped. This means we only get connected in chunks of 2-5mins which is extremely discouraging to play the game. This symptom seems to only happen with the Handsome Collection. Hopefully the issue gets resolved as multiplayer is the heart of the gameplay IMO.

We’ve only gotten dropped twice in the past two days. And when it did happen, it was like the whole PS4 lost Internet connection, since my computer and phone still had access when it happened to me. But whoever joins has to deal with the ridiculous rubberbanding every few seconds. Like you, we also had this problem in both BL2 and TPS. We originally thought it was just TPS since we encountered a bunch of bugs that have been “listed” as being worked on for the next update. Hopefully in the next update we’ll see a bunch of things getting fixed. :smile: