OnlineMP Crashing to Dashboard A LOT

Started a fresh playthrough about 2 weeks ago. Most sessions we have one of our 3-man team Crash to Dashboard once every 20 minutes, sometimes more, like every 5-10. We’re in early game, with crashes in Windshear, Shelf & Bay, Threehorns Divide & Valley, Southpaw, Frostburne, and the Dust. We’ve been having some bad lag that makes the game unplayable, can’t even shop in Sanc properly when it gets chugging. But the crashes are even worse. Sometimes my teammates can’t see their own gunfire.

Me and my brother got the free PS+ edition of THC. We’re playing with my friend who has had it for years. I imported my PS3 BL2 data, but my brother is playing from scratch. We all live in the same city, and I confirmed that others in my home were not experiencing connection loss. Plenty of room on my console, tried every combo of hosting & joining. Worst episode was I crashed several times in succession (4 times in about 15 minutes) during small skirmishes when I used my Dahl Grenadier rifle(which was behaving oddly). I quit using it out of fear, but the issues persist as described with a variety of circumstances & gear. Party is Gunzerker, Commando, Siren. We’re losing progress, gear, and hope to continue with each crash.

Any explanation and advice is desperately appreciated. Sorry this is long, I wanted to be thorough.

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So this is still happening with no end in sight. Was playing BL2 Bloody Harvest for my birthday and we had 7 or 8 crashes in 3 hours. Lost loot, quests levels, you name it. I get that BL3 is getting the attention, but there has to be SOMEONE at least looking at these tickets, right?

Actually maybe not. At this rate, I don’t see much hope in us completing a single playthrough, let alone buying further installments in the series…Happy Birthday to Me.