Only 1 Just Kaus?

So I was pkaying coop with the wife, her Moze took the Just Cause SMG from Timothy and my Amara was mad because she didnt get one. That hardly seems fair on cooperative mode for a mission reward. Is that what happens to everyone?


Believe its this way in the story aswell, but atleast you have 2 chances between nvhm and tvhm

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yeah for some reason it goes to whoever grabs it. maybe because it’s not a mission completion reward but just a reward during the mission?

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i think the kraken also drop unique blues like that. i got one off the maliwan kraken

though the kraken is an enemy, Tim just up and gives you the Just Kaus in the dlc randomly.

Sadly yeah. Wish the mission specific unique/legendary items were available in the loot pool, too.
On some missions, you get an item from a character, then all co-op players get a copy in their inventory (like the sniper from Zer0), but others like this screw co-op players. Wish they all worked the same and gave all players a copy when anyone picked it up.

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