Only 8 story missions?

(Z_Ryol [PS4]) #1

I’ve stumbled upon Kleese’s unlock criteria which says “get silver on all story missions”. According to it there’s only going to be 8 story missions to play through. I find this a bit lacking… Sure the game has a pretty extensive multiplayer, but I was looking forward to a fully fledged campaign not just 8 missions that go for aproximately 30 minutes, sometimes less, each (if the beta missions are anything to go by). Is 4 hours all we’re going to get?

(Jacaithsolaris) #2

There will be more as dlc (it is the only paid dlc which also includes skins, ext). I believe there are 5 more slated so far. There will also be free dlc (characters are all free).

The pve matches do have quite a bit of replayability do to team composition effecting how you play each level. Also different characters change dialogue in each level (try el dragon or phoebe in algorithm for example).

([7-28 | Celestial Harmonia]) #3

I personally think that the missions will be logner the further you are into the story.
There’s also a 9th chapter, but that’s more of a tutorial, and in the future we are getting more PvE missions aswel.

And if you don’t like PvP, the multiplayer portion can be played with bots.

(Weyrd) #4

Although you get no rewards for playing MP with bots, so it’s purely for the gameplay experience (no XP, no credits, no loot, and, I suspect, no progress towards achievements)

(CrashFu) #5

Hmmm, so if you’re someone like me who LOVED Borderlands but really isn’t into competitive shooters… the full game will take about 4 hours to play through all of once (maybe more if some missions turn out to be longer than the 30min ones we’ve seen so far).

Even with all the different character choices, I’m not going to want to play through any given mission more than a few times… because what’s the point? Playing with Shayne on void’s edge isn’t going to feel that new if I’ve already played through void’s edge with Montana and also played through the ISIC mission with Shayne…

So generous estimate, someone like me will probably get ~30 hrs expected playtime from the story missions, if there are eight at launch?

That… might be worth it? I’m kind of on the fence here. Game definitely seems worth it if you DO like the competitive modes in addition to the Story modes, and if I don’t get it at launch I’ll definitely get it on sale eventually, that’s for sure.

(Below 9000) #6

Do give the PvP a chance. It’s really not like anything else out there because it’s forgiving (to a point) and allows you to feel like you are doing something to help the team.

I generally get anxiety playing PvP, but this game just doesn’t seem to do that to me. This isn’t like COD or Crucible or even GTA.

Also, the story mission take longer than 30 min to solo. Multiplayer, yes, they can be knocked over pretty quickly.

(FineNerds) #7

The missions available are very easy, even solo, on advanced hardcore. Having only 8 story missions is really a let down. Even if your first run through takes over an hour, after that you know most of the mechanics, layouts, and the parts that you can skip.

(Vorpal Talon) #8

Oh, there’s a thread addressing this, whoopsy~ (I made one xP)
I agree that only have 8 missions is short and lacking, especially seeing as we play through 2 of them and seeing as they are missions 1 and 2, they don’t string a story together.

Mission one: “Kill” ISIC. We don’t know why he’s doing what he’s doing, why we went evil, to know he was good before, nothing! Maybe in the next chapter (mission) they will touch on ISIC a bit more, what did Kleese do with ISIC?

Mission two: We gotta close that portal (that was never mentioned) on that planet (that we never mentioned) before the enemy comes flooding through them (who?)!

This is not helping me build hype as this game’s story was the main reason for my hype -_-
Also having more “story” come via DLC does not excuse the poor story (so far) at release. Even with those 5 missions, the game’s story would still be lacking. Every mission is very linear, it almost encourages Speed Runs, which is something I do not want in my campaign. I like a slow-and-steady story that hits on points and gets you invested.

(faveveid) #9

I think it says on Isic in game that kleese debugged Isic and put him into his new body

(Puunchbag193) #10

They different dialogue on the same missions when i played it he said he was doing because the universe is screw so why not just have some fun and end it alll now. Another time he says the universe is a joke and i am the punch line.
He also has a lore explaining it all fully

(Vorpal Talon) #11

And that’s great! But I do NOT expect dialogue and a bit of lore to explain the story of the game overall…did Gearbox not learn from Evolve?

(vutherac) #12

Well they aren’t going to release the game with a quantity of DLC that costs more in total than the actual game, so that’s something

(Crow5716) #13

I am super disappointed by the lack of story missions. Seems like you can play through the whole story easily in a day.

This WAS one of the games I was super excited about due to the fact that my friends and I loved the Borderlands series. We played those games for months. However this new game doesn’t seem to have to same focus on co-op story and a big campaign. A handfull of story missions is a joke.

I’m not big into the PvP multiplayer stuff. There’s already tons of PvP games out there. I was really hoping this game would be a big co-op story game like Borderlands and it doesn’t seem we are going to get that.

Very disappointed. Maybe I’ll pick it up once all the story missions are out, and the game is cheap or used. Then it might actually have a few days of play-ability to the story for my friends and I to play through.

(Vorpal Talon) #14

You can get it for %20 off if you order in from Amazon and are a Prime member. (Note, does not work with Digital Deluxe edition…for whatever reason.)

That is the main reason why it turned off many gamers, but for me specifically, it was because of the game having no story/campaign. Not even like a Left 4 Dead campaign which could have been done!
BB gets a pass with only having 1 DLC item that IS less then cost of the game, but it’s just 5 more “story” missions. Which can be fine and dandy, but seeing as we play the first 2 missions in the beta and they are not strung together AT ALL, those extra 5 story missions are not something I am looking forward to or will be buying until it’s price has been reduced.

( #15

I would say this game ain’t for people who doesn’t like pvp too much. If you want co-op awesome story mode like borderlands i think you are wasting your money on this, unfortunately.

(Zig13) #16

The story missions are designed to be heavily replayable via several methods

  • Multiple voice lines
  • Some variation in enemy spawning
  • Playable with 1-5 characters
  • Huge variation in characters
  • Helix options and gear allow quite diverse builds of each character
  • The challenge system
  • Loot rewards are always relevent

Sure the total playtime of the Borderlands games pre-dlc is much longer but think about how long you stay in each area.

I personally like that I can commit 45mins to Battleborn and achieve something meaningful in that time. Having fewer missions also makes it easier to find people who want to do the mission as as you.

(Karkan) #17

I played Warhammer: Vermintide a lot and it has a similar concept, but only coop missions. Also with rewards and new weapons/items you can get. It actually works. Of course most player won’t play all the story missions with every character. That would be 4h*25Characters + dlc missions and chracters. Too much time. But the missions are made to be played several times, also you will play the same mission over and over again with another character (but not all of 'em). And don’t forget higher difficulties/Hardcore mode/Challenges/etc… When you grab some friends, you will be able to put 30h+ alone in the campaign mode without getting bored.
Also the game is very, very MOBA like. It has a high focus on PvP play. So between playing the story missions and waiting for dlcs you will play the game in PvP mode and bring your favourite characters on Max rank.

I also expected more quantity, but it seems like the quality of the game compensates it. And it seems to do this pretty good.

(chellebee88) #18

Aww man. I was about to pre-order this. The lack of a story is a major let down for me. This might be an on sale only purchase. sigh Ah well the beta was a lot of fun and I’m sure the full game will be too it’s just unfortunately short.

(PKKadin (PSN)) #19

SOOOOO many variations in dialogue, and some secret interactions depending on what characters you play. Just as an idea, play Pheobe on the Algorithm, great little bit of dialogue there.

The lore isn’t thrown in your face, it comes from piecing a lot of things together, and some if not a lot of it comes from lore unlocks from characters. Also from secret interactions. So the games knows its expecting to make people play missions repeatedly, so it’s offering something a bit more to keep it fresh. Even after running Void’s Edge 10-12 times with my co-op buddy, we STILL cam across new lines from Wolf.

(Uncia03) #20

I’m a solo (80%) and co-op w/friends (20%) BL player. (Easily clocking 2000 hours for the combined 3 games)
I had been looking at this game from the first release and since I’ve never played a second of competitive FPS play or co-op w/randoms, I was happy to hear that Gearbox had plans to make the campaign (solo & co-op) a major part of the game.

After the Beta here are my thoughts:

I can completely understand how the first two missions did not scratch the ‘progressive story-telling’ itch that you get from playing one of the BL games. However, other than that, I found the campaign missions pretty good. I don’t know how you could beat them in 30 minutes…unless you weren’t opening all the chests and hitting all of the objectives. (Getting those chests open to boost score, get gear packs, extra lives, more credits to buy stuff afterwards…seems like a no-brainer to me)

I LOVED, LOVED, LOVED the random challenges that you would get as you hit new areas. It really made the replay of each of the stories fresh.
I also loved the change in dialogue…some of it is so completely different.

I played either the first or second mission about 10 times solo (with different characters), and about 4 times co-op with a friend. I will say that I enjoyed the co-op experience more. Playing solo was ok, but no-where near as good as playing Borderlands solo.
I know the devs has mentioned that some characters will get buffs if they play the campaign solo…but for the sake of enjoyment…I think they should consider buffing things up more.
I also want to mention I’ll never play the Algorithm solo with a melee character again…unless they fix ISIC’s last phase. Took me 20 minutes to kill him with Rath…waiting 10 seconds for his cross-blades to cool down. Awful.

Anyway, the first mission was taking me about an hour to finish solo, and the second mission taking me about 45 minutes to finish solo. After playing through them about 10 times with different characters, I decided to see what the competitive modes were like…so I played the competitive against just bots.

I tried Meltdown first, then Incursion, and the Meltdown was fun and pretty quick (about 15 minutes) so I started playing it more with different characters, getting a feel for the objectives and rhythm of the match. I was also using this as a means to get good with a character or two that I had gravitated to.

After doing that a while, and enjoying myself, I thought “I’m having fun doing this meltdown, but I’m not gaining any command ranks or Character XP. Really, what is the difference between going against these bots and going up against some players.”

So for the first time in over 2 decades of gaming I decided to try out a competitive match against other players, and I choose Meltdown because I enjoyed it (and the quicker matches) as opposed to Incursion.

I can’t believe how much fun it was. It completely boggled my mind. Even when a match started and I knew our team was going to get slaughtered…it was still fun trying to play your role, keeping hope alive, and all that good stuff.

Back to the Campaign.
If you are only going to play the Campaign solo, I don’t think you will get more than 50-75 hours out of this game. (Playing all 8 missions once or twice with a quarter to half of the roster)

If you are going to play the Campaign both solo and co-op with friends, I can easily see 200 hours of playtime as your and your friends try different team compostions. And of course the DLC packs are meant specifically for this as they will be adding new story-mode objectives to play.

I think just playing the competitive with only bots could easily add another 25-50 hours of gameplay, as you either play a couple of characters to try to master them, or if you play the whole cast a few times to get a feel for the ones you gravitate to.

And if you play both the campaign and competitive, there is easily 500+ hours here. (And probably a lot more than 500, as you will be able to grind the missions for specific legendaries, which you’ll want to do to help in competitive play.) (Though I don’t think meltdown is a good competitive mode for any legendaries due to the cost of activation)

Anyway, going into the Beta I was hopeful that the the story missions would provide enough game-time for me and for me with my friends. After playing through, I see a couple hundred hours of game time when it is all said and done, which is worth the price of admission for me. But now, as a complete surprise, I’m just as excited to be able to get back into some Meltdown matches, and I know that I’ll probably spend as much time, if not more doing that.