Only 8 story missions?

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^ I agree with pretty much everything this person says.

Co-op is playable solo, but much more fun with more players. It’s CRAZY with five players.

PvP is fun. Initially I didn’t think I would like it, but once I learned what to do, I found I couldn’t stop. Even when I lose a lot, I still want to play more.

I preordered digital deluxe, because 5 additional story maps later on easily puts this into my massively replayable category based on how I play.

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It does seem that the overall story could be a bit shorter than many of us would hope for, however I have to say that with as much fun as I had playing through just the two levels they let us try out that I can’t wait to see what else is in store for us with the other missions. I have always been the kind of player that doesnt like to play the same character over and over, so it is great that there are subtle differences in dialogue for every character. Also, I haven’t seen it mentioned but Kudos to gearbox for the random character select, I didn’t use it in the beta but it should make things interesting in the long run (for me, at least). Price for the game is a little steep, but I know i’ll get my moneys worth out of it.


I think the ‘deciding’ factor on buying this game or not is not which mode you plan to play; pve or pvp, but rather, do you play to play solo the whole time or with friends? My better-half and myself have both already pre-ordered the game. Why? because it is just to much fun with friends. My better-half has zero interest in the PVP side, but she has a few friends that share her views and they will be spending hours on hours playing the PVE missions together. Me, I do both the PVE and PVP with my friends.

Bottom line, if you plan on playing with friends, this game is a good buy, but honestly, if you’re someone who prefers to play solo, then I would recommend saving your money as I think it wouldn’t be worth it at that point.

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I agree with this, this game really benefits from having at least one friend to play with. Makes the experience so much more fun. I played through the beta joining public groups for pve and pvp and while I had a good time, I wish I had some I could specifically teamwork with. I’ve spent this week convincing a friend to get the game, because I know we will have a blast together. We’ve already pre-ordered so if anyone wants to join us we will be on Xbox one.

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Some of the explanation for ISIC’s desire to destroy the universe, and some other somewhat interesting tidbits about him, can be found in his lore challenge entries. Together (by which I mean the 3 I was able to unlock during the beta), they painted a picture of a surprisingly complicated and interesting character. I won’t describe any more, but I understood his motives much better after reading the lore entries and piecing some things together.

While I do agree that 8 seems short, I’m hoping that some later ones will be longer and a bit more rigorous. I also found that I could have a lot of fun playing the same mission with the same character over and over. The dialogue variance really adds to the replayability, as do the different drops. I will admit that I’m the sort of person who prefers a story that has to be discovered rather than one that’s shoved in my face, and that I can really get into a nice grind. (On a side note, I do think there needs to be some unique dialogue if there’s someone playing as ISIC on The Algorithm, where enemy ISIC flips out and gets confused as to what’s going on) Honestly, I was expecting a short campaign, and I’m getting more than I bargained for, STEEEEEEEVE!

While on the BB website there are pages explaining who the factions are, which planets are which, etc, I do think that this information needs to be put in the game someplace. Because I soak up information information like a sponge (there’s a reason my username translates to “king of the repository”), I know that Bliss, the planet that both missions take place on, is the frozen world that is home to the UPR, the military faction of the Battleborn. I know that after his defeat, Kleese made some modifications to ISIC so that he would be able to operate as a Battleborn. I know the Varlesi, the creatures coming through the portal, are the extra-dimensional beings who have been destroying the last few solar systems. The portal wasn’t mentioned in the first mission because, as the pre-mission cutscene describes, it had just opened before the mission to close it began.

There’s also the fact that we have only played 25% of the story so far. In a 90 minute film, the first 20 minutes are often either an info-dump, or are more focused on getting the action going, and the story comes in later. This game may fall into the latter category. We haven’t quite experienced enough to know.

And let’s be honest here: this is a PVP focused game. I generally hate team PVP. I generally hate FPS games, especially their PVP. I now have to make both of those statements with the “generally” qualifier because I actually liked the team PVP in this FPS game. It actually felt different each match, in a way that was somewhere between a normal FPS and a MOBA but didn’t become stagnant like either one normally does for me.

And the developers seem to have a pretty strong opposition to a P2W mindset. They seem much closer to a P4S (Pay 4 Swag) mindset, which I’m fine with I’m willing to pay for some extra missions, because these missions were quite a bit of fun for me.

This game, like any game, isn’t for everyone. It likely won’t have a lengthy, powerful story, so if that’s what you’re after, you may wish to look elsewhere. I wish that in modern gaming there was a middle ground between story and gameplay…

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Something people aren’t factoring when they say they can beat it in 30 minutes is difficulty. Me and my friends play to the hardest variant, every game, every time (except Witcher 3, because ironman in that is a dumb idea).

All of us with substantial MMO And FPS experience took about 3 try’s with 3 people to beat the Algorithm on Advanced Hardcore. 2 tries with 5 people. Not exactly the hardest game I’ve ever played, but it did push us as a team once we got up to a full squad. And took us roughly about 2-3 hours to beat a level counting multiple play throughs.

For what’s it’s worth, that was without going for side missions or Gold rating on every mission, and with only one set of characters, seeing how characters have secret interactions and challenges constantly change we could of increased our time spent in the story easily.

The moral is, for completionists or people who just like a good challenge. It does deliver in that regard. It may not be a 40 hour story, but you should at least be able to get 15-20 hours if you want to try everything. Which is twice your standard FPS nowadays. Couple that with miltiplayer if that’s your thing, and it’s more than worth it.

Just a thought.

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To be fair, it’s about 5 hours of gameplay (for 1 run with 1 character through all the missions). Which is technically “in a day”, but generally not a recommended dose. Not like the second to last CoD, which was 3 hours or something stupid.

I understand your complaint, but Battleborn was pretty clear about some campaign in their PvP game.

It’s only physical games. Says in the small print (I was going to do the same thing)

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Noooo. I can’t believe that’s the story! I just assumed those 8 were a random selection for the beta to “show its wares”. The same way they only showed 2 online modes. Everything is so out of context and disconnected I didn’t even consider they WERE the story.

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I’m hoping there will be a lot more to the story once the full game is out. More content and meat to it, since after all, this was a beta.

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Yea 8 story missions for a campaign can seem pretty lacking, but truthfully that’s more than what I got in CoD: Ghosts and was way more fun than Blops 2 storyline. I don’t think it will be as big as Borderlands but I think it will tickle my fancy enough inbetween matches of multiplayer.

If I remember right they also said that the missions would have multiple ways of completing them, having different angles you can go to finish a mission. This was in November when they were talking about it so it could’ve gotten cut (some areas in the campaign in beta looked blocked out so maybe we will be able to traverse them when the launch happens?) but if it didn’t that’s something to look forward to.

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It does seem a little short but if you think about it 30 minutes per level thats 4 hours for just going though it once on normal advanced will take longer as its harder and you have 25 character. Also different group will say different things to one other about they lore (battleborn panel at pax said this)

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It took me around an 1 hour to an hour and a half to beat each mission on the beta. Thats with me exploring and taking my time. So ill get anywhere from 10 to 12 hours out of the campaign. Which is fine cause then i have all the different characters and builds to try. But still I was hoping for more than just 8.

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I agree that only 8 missions seems lacking, but then I looked at it a different way. We’re basically getting 8 raids from the start, with more planned. Sure, they’re not as long as, say, Destiny raids, but they do have places that require teamwork if you’re playing with others, and the difficult of hard can be very tough, with bosses requiring some serious strategy to survive and conquer. Those bosses have farmable loot, as described by Gearbox, and, along with the different character choices and lore challenges, should provide a ton of replayability.

Sure, more “story” elements would be nice in the campaign, but I’m enjoying seeing the potential of what’s actually there instead of what’s not. :slight_smile:

(badguy5 on YouTube) #34

The way I see it:

There’s about 4-5 hours of actual “story”.
There’s a bunch of added quirky Gearbox-style dialogue depending on who’s playing.

There’s the super hardcore advanced mode, which will probably take another 20+ hours to beat.

And then, there’s the simple fact that it’s easier to grind out gear in campaign than in competitive.

Given all that, I’ll probably put about 40-50 hours into the campaign… I don’t want to think about how many hours I’m going to put into the competitive…