Only disapointement in the DLC

I ■■■■■■■ loved Freddy … I know those later second turn coat are part of the whole Heist classic, but god damn I loved this character. Ember would have made a better boss too.

I liked freddie to, its too bad i had to finger him.


Yes, Freddy was way cool. Loved the short shorts when he does turn against you.

Maybe I am reading too much into this but did not Freddy get a happy ending too? I thought the mustached Loader in the credits was him. Since he thought robot were better than humans and hinted that human should transform…

I wanted to shoot him much sooner. And for some reason, I felt like he should’ve been voiced by David Spade.


Freddie was such a great character. When he captured Timothy I was genuinely angry at him lol, I think it’s the strongest emotional reaction this game has gotten out of me so far

Timothy and him were really well written. One of the reason I loved this DLC


I kinda have to agree, Ember started as an interesting character but despite having the most time and interaction of the whole gang she just stayed a cardbox version of a pyromaniac.

The Mayor was also a little bland but he joins pretty much right before the end, so there’s that and he’s still charismatic and has a dozen Echo logs.

Freddie is a kinda unique Borderlands character with his love for robots and, like pointed out has several cool moments.

Ember is from start to finish just [insert comment about burning something down]

What annoys me pretty much is that the DLC half aknowledges the fact that Loaders went sentient after Jacks death (a big part of TftB and TPS) but then pretty much gets rid of every sentient Loader right away as if Gearbox wanted to aknowledge it and at the same time “retcon” it.

Joy - dies
H1-7C - leaves for island vacation
Petunia and Dandelion - Have to be taken out due to Freddies betrayal

Sorry for my rambling :smile:


Freddy must be the most “comfortable” cosplay ever.

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Aha, imagine if he became a permanent crew member, some people would have definitely cosplayed as freddy, cause Freddy’s awesome !

That fanny pack tho…lol

I don’t know… He always reminded me of a blonde Dr. Disrespect.

well, to be fair, they’re loader mark 2’s?

I was kinda expecting Freddie to turn on us, Ember would have made more sense as the traitor tho, cuz even when you’re sent to meet her for the 1st time, Tim warns us that she might try and set us on fire… a set up that didn’t have a delivery. where as we randomly save Freddie’s butt, rescue his loader bot, and he turns on us? “Not cool bro(s)” -Vaughn.

My only disappointment/confusion is Ember and her flames.
Since she does fight alongside us a few times, against loaders, I would have preferred she be an Acid Queen and use corrosive damage instead of fire. Would have been a better ally.
And changing her lines from Fire to Acid based talk would have been doable.

That gun she wields going to the tower looks awesome. But yea is a BB gun on the loaders,… Like she shot at one loader the whole fight and I needed to kill them all plus the one she “tried” to kill.

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regarding Freddie, only have one phrase.

well an image actually



Hand down the best entry of a boss. E.V.E.R.

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she actually is using Ember’s Purge that you get in mail from burning 5 Pretty Boy statues for her (crew challenge).

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Neat, need to finish those now!