Only fusion and incursion left in 5v5?

What happened? Why is it that in 5v5 PvP I only get the option to play incursion or fusion, and nothing else? What happened to point capture??

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It moved to the 3v3 queue.

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But nobody plays the 3v3 queue!!!


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I, for one, am glad of the change. I hate capture, and now I don’t have to play it.

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Good for you buddy, but for me, capture is the one game mode I enjoy a lot after incursion.

I never liked fusion and now that’s the only alternative I get in 5v5.

I can’t play capture in 3v3 because the queue for 3v3 is ridiculous even for my patient standards.

Now I’m angry! Why can’t they just put capture in 5v5 as well?


It’s the only “full premades allowed”-queue at the moment and Capture can become a bit stompy at times. Also, most people seem to not like it that much.

Capture might get stompy, but against premades, incursion gets MUCH MORE stompy. So, remove incursion as well?

Really, I don’t get it. I don’t think it changes anything in their servers to add capture to the queue, does it?

I hate incursion and I love capture… and the 3v3 queue should just die.

In incursion you have a sentry defending your spawn, in capture you can chase people to spawn and camp their killing anyone as they come out

People have complained about capture for a while

And then those people may simply not choose capture when it pops up in the selection screen.

But allow me the OPTION to choose capture!!

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I REALLY and genuinely love all the game modes and honestly miss when, right after the last big update, Quick Match was FULL RANDOM and I would actually get to play FaceOff and Capture!


That was almost all that I got. I remember having something like 12 face-off or capture matches in a row. I was very sick of it.

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In an ideal world, we would have queues for each game mode, but until numbers pick up, this is the best we’ll have to do with. Seriously, they’ve changed the queue types and options so many times now, I’ve lost count.


So, because nobody plays 3v3, this means I will NEVER play faceoff or capture. And because I do not like fusion… now Battleborn has become a game with ONE game mode alone.

Developers, please put some thought into this. Please. I love incursions but I also want to play something else. PLEASE!!

Fusion? There aren’t any game modes called fusion. Which one are you referring to?

The one with the robots that have to be melted. In the Italian version it is called fusion.

Was wondering what you were on about. To everyone else, it’s called Meltdown

Not everyone else
Just English speaking nations

Ditto! :stuck_out_tongue: