Only gripe about Buddy System

Is when the drone flies into a wall or behind some object that you can’t hit it. I get it being immune to DOT, and being tiny, and not reacting to certain skills, but this kinda seems unfair. IDK maybe just me.


That is annoying. Also do not like that AI controlled companions ignores the drones (including any other adds spawned by modifiers).


To add to what @smythny said, why don’t bullet ricochets, tracking bullets, pets, Drones, Clones or Auto Bear shoot at Buddy System, Lazer Fare, Freeze Tags or effing DEATH???

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It happened all the time when fighting the adds in the KillaVolt fight. So annoying.

It is due to poor design decisions and the lack of foresight, plain and simple. One of the many reasons I dislike the Mayhem modifiers. It is one thing to legitimately increase difficulty, it is another to throw out a bunch of garbage that is detrimental to the games playability.


buddy system is a momentum killer for me. i switch to dazed and infused if i am using multi element builds.

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I turned off buddy system because in the Cartel Mansion the drones things were clipping the wall all the time. I just turned it back on because DLC3 has larger spaces. I now know that buddy system on flying foes is terrible as well.

I’ve tried a bunch of the very hard(?) modifiers & will def take drones over all the others. It’s about all my M6 OPQ can handle in M10. Sure the wall clipping is annoying af but manageable.

Actually, I think the Recursion will hit them even if not the original target. It’s one of the strongest weapons to use against buddy system I found. That being said I have started going away from this modifier because like @nat_zero_six mentions…it’s a momentum killer much of the time. Holy Crit seems to be a better option in that respect.

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Recursion, Reflux, Brainstormer and Redistributer all benefit from buddy system.

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That’s why I just use holy crit.

That’s right. I’m willing to take a 50% damage debuff (most of the time), instead of killing the playability of my game.

Rogue lite is terrible because getting one shot is a crap shoot. And it’s only going to get worse with level increases.

Post mortem is trash, because there’s so much screen pollution losing track of skulls is inevitable.

Buddy system? In addition to what other people are saying, I still don’t trust any modifiers that link anything to enemies or have lazers. Because they tend to crash my game. So thanks for that.

Not in the face is the only other modifier I would consider using. The only reason I don’t is because I instinctively aim for crits. To be continued on that front…


But what about dazed an infused?
Helps with mobbing and only truly effects you if you only use one element.

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For M10, I pretty much will only play with the following mods in some configuration:

Slayer or Lootsplosion
Healy Avenger
Chain Gang or Ticked Off (status effect damage is basically meaningless, so -90% doesnt bother me)
Post Mortem (annoying but handleable) or Dazed and Infused (depends on who I’m playing… my Moze uses 3/4 kinetic guns so this doesnt bother me)

I really hope they let us disable them at some point.

Until you get a shock immune Guardian in the Takedown lmao

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Just use a green monster moze with a radiation element and shock or cryo N2M annointment.
That is an easy 4 out of 5 elements.
You may not hit hard but if done right you have near infinite ammo and all the elements.
Edit: may sound like a joke and it kinda is but I know of a build that uses this on m10 and its not bad.

Also seem to have an issue with large size enemies and clipping inside of them for a while.

The Drone can actually take out Death fairly well, however you need to assign him as a target manually.

Oh my lord, I never even thought of manually tagging those. I just assumed that the drone wouldn’t hit the spawned mayhem thingies.

Manually targeting the mayhem adds is actually quite useful. One of the few AI companions that you can get to not ignore mayhem spawns.

Nope. I’m good on that one too. I don’t need rng spawning enemies with the one element I don’t have in my inventory. Not only that, It’s not like there’s a plethora of great weapons to choose from. So I would be essentially sacrificing damage to match elements. I don’t have the patience to farm meta weapons in every element. No thanks.