Only one player connecting while other gets booted?

Hey all,

So, my wife and I have been playing all week (vacation woot), just fine. Today, her niece got on and we went to connect to her game (she hasn’t played DLC3 yet), and we ran into an issue or two.

  1. Her character screen had a new character named Amapo who was lvl14…not her character.
  2. She had two items in her inbox from manufacturer rewards and they were all in Cyrillic.
  3. One of us can connect to her game but when the other connects, one of us gets booted.

We’ve never had any of these issues in the past as we’ve all played online together quite often. Her internet connection IS a little potato but typically it’s only just a bit of packet loss at worst.

Are these things perhaps related? She reset her pw and added an authenticator just in case but I’d think if she was hacked then she wouldn’t have been able to get into her account in the first place right?

Just hoping someone else has heard of this before :slight_smile: