Only weapon drops are rocketlaunchers

Doing the Skywell act with Fl4k (M3). Every legendary weapon that drops is a rocketlauncher, except 1 drop (yes, ONE). I got at least 20 now. Getting other legendary items (several grenades and a few relics and class mods), but just 1 weapon that’s not a rocketlauncher. Why am I only getting rocketlaunchers, I’m sick of them (and almost all Scourge or Tunguska). Tried restarting game, playing offline and online, no difference. What’s going on, the non-legendary weapons that drop are normal. How could it be random if 99% of all legendary weapons that drop are rocketlaunchers, that is impossible. Never had this before, did something change?

There is an event on Promethea during this week and certain type of gear is dropping on certain maps. Rocket Launchers are linked to Skywell.

Thx a lot mate. Found info about the event now, kinda cool now that I realize what’s causing it.