Only white on myhem 3

I am playing on Myhem mode 3 and getting only whites from minibosses.
Bosses stil work form me only site Bosses like the Jabbermogwai.
Any tips or just reloed myhem mode ?

Wound a way just resedet the myhem mode.

I’m having troubles too, the loot patch today nerfed way to hard on certain modes.

The droprate is verry low in Hard Mode … make no fun … yes … the only fun give it in chaos 3 + myhem 3 … but the drop quallity is not the best ;(

The hotfix was no good idea from gearbox …

the jabbermogwei if you kill him right away will almost always only drop white items… it is programmed that way, you need to split him first.

also drop rates seem to have increased by alot again… I am dropping legendary left end right from normal mobs