OOO Spawn rates since recent patch

Has anyone tried to spawn that bugger since the patch? I know the notes didn’t say anything about improving the rate but i have seen a few posts from people saying they were able to successfully do it a couple times.

I’ve spawned him a couple of times, but I can’t tell if it was any less tedious.
Using the Dexi method I always get the spawn once or twice, so the rate would be entirely subjective even if I were to do it another thousand times.

A better spawn rate would certainly be nice, since that farm holds no challenge whatever besides a tolerance for waiting.

Any idea what the actual rate might be? I recently sat through three straight hours of that method. It took 2.5 minutes to evolve them all all the way, reset and start over. That’s 6 UBA / 5 minutes, * 180 minutes = more than 200 chances to spawn OOO with nary a one turning into him. And in the 10 hours total that I’ve farmed him, the one time he spawned he didn’t drop the twister.

Sounds like you had worse RNG than I usually do, but phase space is a big place.
I don’t know if the spawn rate has been calculated, frankly.

Since there’s a fresh tweak to make Verm easier to spawn solo I can’t help but wonder if that applies to all evolved enemies.
I’ve usually held that the 4p glitch didn’t matter for OOO spawns, but I may well have been wrong about that. Since the 4p glitch isn’t (legitimately) available to us anymore, that might adversely affect OOO spawns if he wasn’t included in that hotfix.

That would be a shame.