OP 10 Axton the Invincible | Community Patch 5.0.3 | Borderlands 2

Hello everyone, today I have a very interesting Unofficial Community Patch 5.0.3 Axton build. This build is very unique in the sense that it allows you to play hyper-aggressive and face tank pretty much all enemies. The cornerstone(s) of this build is the Legendary Pointman and the Rough Rider shield. With the changes to some of Axton’s skills in the UCP (this build primarily benefits from the buffs to Crisis Management, Forbearance, and Last Ditch Effort) he can easily face-tank on OP 10 with no Grog! I give a more in-depth explanation about the skill changes, gear, etc. in the video but I would be happy to provide a text write-up if there is enough interest. The description of the video also offers some alternative options for gear if that interests you. Let me know what you think! This build is a work in progress and I’d love to hear any ideas. Thanks!