OP 4+ matchmaking

I am playing the DLCs then the main story mode on OP8. I have a mic and I’m 27. If anyone wants to join message me on XBL @BTK420247. I am playing on public, tho no one is joining, if you don’t see me in the match browser ask and if there is room I will invite you.

Since games above OP 3 apparently don’t show up in the match browser, I and whoever else wants to can use this thread to find other people to find other players.

Forgot to mention in the above post I’m on now

Norfleet spammers and people who one shot kill badasses because of modded BAR will be removed and not allowed back

IIRC, anything above OP3 still doesn’t show up in matchmaking. This is a long-standing unresolved issue which is unlikely to be resolved even if there is one final patch for BL2.

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That sucks out loud. WTF Gearbox get your S together!

I’m getting off for tonight but will be back at it tomorrow. Made it thru Campaign of Carnage, Hamerlock’s Hunt, and got as far as Washburne Refinery on Pirate’s Booty.

I’d like to thank GT: ScrubCast Fire, awesomeness0510, and PeterL2014 for joining me also thanks @Poisd2Strike for telling me why I never have any randoms join when I play OP 8 on public.

To find some OP 8 players, you may want to amend your thread title to say “Anyone want to join an OP 8 Play through”, and have Players either send you a message/FR wanting to join or put their info here for you to contact them.

that being said I do have a Help thread about 10 posts down that has my info in it and have a couple of Friends also that play BL 2 and have OP 8 Toons.
Also, PeterL2014 (also on my Friends list), has a post a few down about an OP 8 play through and is a Good player

Your right I should edit the title. I’m not needlessly looking for help it’s just that no one was joining when I had my game on public so I was kinda using the forum as a matchmaking then poised told me after OP 3 your games don’t show in the match browser. Thanks for the offer to help but I was just board playing alone.

I’ll be getting back on in about 30 minutes and continuing from Washburne Refinery on OP 8 if anyone would like to join message me on XBL.

Next time I play with you, I’ll give you my number so you can text me when you’re bored and if I can I’ll jump online :slight_smile:

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wasn’t offering to help, though I guess I could have worded it better (hate repeating stuff if I have it listed elsewhere), mainly my info is there, when I play, what Time Zone and GT. It’s there for either people who need help or just want someone to play the game with.