Op 4need help gettin to op 8 please

I am op4 at moment and am hoping to get to op8 so need a crew at same op or higher to get to op8 as i have some awsome gear in my bank its all op8 so please help my gamer tag is mucki ducki

What system? I’m guessing xbox based on the GoW icon.

Ye xbox 1

Are you OP8 Yet?

No i i keep waiting in d.peak for peaple to join but nobody ever comes does anybody play this game anymore…looks like will be staying at op5 for a while

Yeah people do but the servers are always screwed

I can get you to 8 Les_4

I am also OP5 looking to get to OP8.
XB1 JediGanja

Thanks i will be on most evenings if you feel like joining the game

Gt muckiducki

I’m a op4 gunzerker and need help to get to op8, my gamertag is: FullMetalFranko