OP 7 to OP 8 please

I need someone who is OP 8 to run me through digistruct peak once, I am on Xbox one and my gamer tag is Bombay Mangos

Op7 is noooo joke haha, I’m op8 and willing to help but we will probably need at least 1 more person. I’m an op8 siren so I can revive from across the ma which seemed to help the last group I helped out. Gt Sensitive Bill

Are you still doing this. I’m op7 but the assassin’s mess me up every time. I’ll help out if you like.

I’ll be on this afternoon after work about 4 est. I’m down to help! The assassins are tough but if everyone hits the first guy I phaselock first we can usually make it happen, seems like reeth is the pesky one of the 4

Awesome, hit me up when you’re on. My gt is Dave90T