Op 8 Dream Team

Having problems with an Op?
Stuck on certain creatures?
Saturn just won’t die for you?
This is the place to be.
Gamertag: SPQR Stiffwinky
Op Rank: 8
Class: Commando
Game: Borderlands 2
This thread is for those either seeking help with Op or offering help to the community in general like myself and my compatriots.
If your new to Op or if your class build just isn’t getting you there ask questions here.
Advice will be given on what weapons to have and where to get them as well, with a few essential weapons you won’t be removed from lobbies with people fearing they might have to carry you.
Tips and tricks I have found along the way are up for grabs.
I’ll help whomever I can when I can, if you happen to see me online shoot me a message over Xbox Live if I don’t respond right away I’m probably mid fight or grinding with others in the gear box community. Have no fear I will respond, just have some patience :smile:

Thanks for all that post here to help and for reading.
Happy hunting


Should help me go through the op levels im on op5 right now cant get further always die at the end. gt - anvieh

Send me a quick message on xbox live @ sensitive bill I have an op8 siren and I’m slowly building up my gear but had some questions and I’m set up for a multiplayer build that seems to work pretty well but have been playing solo mostly since not alot of people are active in the game. Hope I can be of some help soon!

Its easier to get in touch with me via Xbox Live my inbox is usually flooded with folks asking for eridium or power leveling sometimes both. Its few and far between to find fellow raiders so if you happen to see me on by all means message me

Would you be willing to help me reach OP 8. I am currently OP 2. Having trouble progressing. My GT is JVolfram7418384.

Stiff, I tried finding you on Xbox One but it’s saying your GT is still incorrect. I wanted to know if you were still interested in helping people out in BL2

Need help with op8 gamertag is dangerous5758 with no caps

I’ll help out leveking op8. Op8 zerker 510k ba rank. Msg h3xiic sn1p3r on Xbox. Helping on xbone only bl2

I’m currently OP7, need to do the raid one last time to make it to the top, then the REAL grind begins! If anyone is interested, please message LilElvisLIVE.

Hey @LilElvis.

Most of those who posted on this thread are no longer active, and the OP was inactive following the post.

I’d suggest starting a new thread, as you’d be far more likely to get hits.