OP 8 PLAYTHROUGH all stories

hi all,

searching for a mad Team for a full playthrough on op8, which includes main Story and all dlc stories.

feel free to add me and send me a message for OP8

xbox live add: SerraMeya

ill join u if u want ill use my op 8 siren

I’m in.

OP8 Axton

yea of course nice to meet ya :slight_smile: just add me on XBL.

thanks for telling me what Kind of character you`re gonna use. Axton and Maya are very nice.

I Guess i will take my Mecro :slight_smile: have all cahrs on OP8, so if you have any wish just tell me

I can join you, but because of my job I don’t have much time to play.

I play mostly on saturday, sunday and monday. The rest of the week I play very little.

Also am from Chile xD (GMT -3). I can understand pretty much everything you told me, but my speaking is a little bit slower.

I sound something like this: “Say hello to my little friend!” xD

I have a OP8 Siren and working on my Axton.

GT: VegetaValpo


@SerraMeya any idea when we are gonna start the playthrough, also Ill probably use my Salvador instead of my maya

Good question