Op 8 raid on digistruct peak help

i power leveled my friend and even though im a op 8 commando i need a op 8 person (preferably a gunzerker) to help my clear it with him and finish him up - xbox one gt- creasedbullet3 message me if you are willing to give us your time

I can help… but with a siren…

really as long as i have someone who van aggro enemies and revive us it’ll help because omgwtf is gonna get wrecked by zeros bore whore skill so i just get screwed on scorch, the black queen, and dukinos mom

sending message

well xbox live apparently wanted to screw us over where we cant send messages as it says over the xbox live status website so we might not be able to do it tnight

set your game to public… or give me your friends gt… as I cannot join you.

he isn here right now and i dont know if party will work right now

can’t help then…

we dont need to talk to kill

hes back so i dont know if your actually still willing to do it

yeah I am… need his nick or you need to send me an invite…

ok we need to do this tommorow because he isnt here enough to make this work so ill find a time tommorow when we can do this