OP 8, trying to get top OP 8 gear for Salvadore

As title sais, Any good gear for Salvadore would be greatly apreciated! can any helpful soul donate som good stuf they dont need. For example:

Gentlemens/barking pimpernel in slag
Practicable interfacer in slag
Ladyfist in slag
Fibber (the shooting the ground kind)

This is top priority but all op 8 stuff is apreciated.

Psn on ps4 is henkkez

I have some OP4 stuff but not much, might help though. I can get you to OP8 but not today so I’ll give you my OP4 gear, I’ll add you now.

Friend request sent, are you able to come online now? Don’t mean to rush you, I’m about to head off but I can do this first if you’re available now, otherwise I’ll do it when next I’m on.

Hey, I’ve got an OP8 Gents Pimp in slag you can have.

PSN dogstar13

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Ok, thanks. Ive sent you a friends request. see ya soon…

I have most of the things on the list and some in op 8 if your interested