OP Characters are Removing the Fun

Ok, this beta has gotten to the point (at least on PS4) where each team 90% of the time choose the broken and unbalanced characters. We all know who they are: Ambra and Galilea. I mean, GOODNESS! These characters are soooooo broken. Ambra’s staff shouldn’t just auto-beam to another player, it shouldn’t do as much damage as it does, and it DEFINITELY shouldn’t return health to her as she drains you. (Some might compare this to Kleese’s shock taser, but it doesn’t return health back to him and it has a very short limit. WHY DOESN’T HER’S HAVE A LIMIT??) You’ll challenge her, she starts draining you, you CAN’T fight back because she’s actively taking your health and gaining more health, and by the time you start to retreat, she just chases you for an easy kill and then, boom, she’s back at full health. I don’t care what anyone says, Ambra is completely broken, and she’s ruining the game. I’m all for disabling her character completely until she is balanced, because I don’t even want to play this anymore if she’s on the other team. In about 80 percent of the matches I’ve played, Ambra doesn’t have a single death.

Now onto Galilea. She isn’t nearly as broken as Ambra, but she’s definitely and obviously overpowered. Is she a tank or an assassin, because I literally can’t even tell. She deals waaay too much damage for how much health she has. Her shield throw is insane, because it’s a REALLY long stun, and has virtually no range limit. Plus it has 200 damage, which doesn’t seem too fair. So yeah, nerf something there, because she’s ridiculously strong, and paired with Ambra, it just gets ridiculous and un-fun. Some might argue “oh, just stay away from her,” or “Benedict is her hard counter.” My response to that is… And? Yeah, stay away from her, that’s the case with every melee character! You have to stay away from them, and even if you are away from her, she can throw her shield and be on you in seconds, and end you in seconds. And sure, Benedict can be her hard counter, but only one person can play as Benedict. (And it will likely be me, because he’s my main :wink: ) I read someone on the forums say something like “Just because a character is killable doesn’t mean that they’re not overpowered.” And that’s completely right! Sure, you can kill both of these characters, but it’s waaay too hard to do to fit in with the rest of the characters FAIRLY. They ultimately takes away from the balance of the game, making me to just want to stop playing the game altogether. To Gearbox: PLEASE NERF THESE CHARACTERS! WHAT WERE YOU THINKING???

I agree to an extent. Both characters are wildly over powered right now, and seeing them in every match is getting really oppressive, especially since players have started DC’ing if there are either of them on the other team. It’s really taking a huge chunk of the enjoyment out of the game. I actually had an ambra 1v5 my team last night, kill two people and still escape. Pretty ridiculous.

I would also like to bring up that these two being so overbearing is dominating so much of the focus that it is actively distracting people from working out other bugs or balance issues, which I can only assume is having a noticable effect on the efficiency of this beta.


Exactly :ok_hand: