OP level and gear question

So does this mean , for example, i would have to farm a new Transformer for each OP level if i wanted a more powerful Transformer.

Mayhem 2.0 isn’t 1:1 like OP levels.
You can jump from start already to Mayhem 10 because there isn’t any “Completion map” to do lower mayhem levels.
So if You manage to kill boss that drops what You want on Mayhem 10 then what’s the point to farm it at lower Mayhem levels?

I would suggest first to farm some of the easiest bosses to get Mayhem 10 guns and then go farm harder ones to get items that You want but we still need to see how modifiers and enemy stats looks like on each Mayhem level. In borderlands show there was said that “On Mayhem 10 Sh*ts got real”.


you can basically also just red chest farm at OP 10 :smiley:

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That is an option true.

I hope the rewards are sht real too because if not, then it’s really all sht :rofl:

What changes between the different mayhem levels?

stats xD

Time for me to get my Z-Eruption shine and ready. Debuffing tanky enemies and bosses with that gun ability will be so useful to me

I’ve just recently started using it and I love that gun, it actually makes my IB build viable for M4 bossing