OP level missions

Could anyone me if side missions reset when you enter OP levels or do I have to reset my playthrough just to farm a quest item again? I’m almost to OP levels and I just want to know for future reference

Finished missions do not reset when you reach OP levels. You do have to reset the game to re-do missions for quest rewards.

Think about OP levels simply as more leveling up, but instead of collecting experience points you just run the Peak successfully (“just” being a trigger word :slight_smile: ). So nothing changes in the game but enemies and gear, the environment and missions do not.

So one typically does OP1-3 with lvl 80 weapons, then re-farm, do OP-4-6, re-farm, and so on. Different folks will have different spacing of course, some folks are good enough to go through to 8-10 with lvl 80 gear. I ain’t that good, so I re-farm my Lyudas, DPUH, Hellfire and a good shield every 3 OP levels.
Or did, now I’ve got everything I need stashed away in mule backpacks.

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if you open your game to the public, there are good players out there who will help you run the Digi Peak and drop at-level gear for you.

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Thank you so much. That clears up a lot of the noise I’ve been hearing, which served as the source of my confusion for a long while. I’ll wait until OP 10 if I want to reset my playthrough and re-farm some of those items like a Rustler’s OM for Deputy Sal or any of his other builds that aren’t too broken, even though they all kind of are. I’ll do farmable items to grind my way through the peak like a stated towards the end of your answer. Once again, I appreciate the clarification and I thank you :slight_smile:

Thanks to you as well, I might make a group post sometime soon and see who would like to take on the peak with me, because my friends aren’t much into this game and it would be sweet to run through it with others who are super loving of the game like I am. I’ll tell y’all how it goes when the time comes. :v:

if you’re on xbox, my gamer tag is my forum name here (CommonDefence)

Sweet, I shot you a request and I’d be happy to play when I’m all geared up for the peak