Op level progression solo siren help!

Hi I’m currently trying to progress through op levels solo as siren, I’m stuck on op2, not sure if it’s my loadout game play etc. So here’s what I’m carrying, Shields, the bee, negotiator, wtf, impaler, black hole, hoplite, the cradle, the sham, the transformer, mods legendary cat legendary nurse, guns, social bitch corrosive and fire, dpuh, stoic emperor, cc, refill baby maker, perma sharp baby maker, rapider gub, super gunerang, trick shot maggie, flying sandhawk, trick shot unforgiven, ferocious lead storm, attach bearca. All are level 72 or higher,

Is there anything else that will help or does my usual loadout need changing, I have both bitches the bee cat mod heart of the ancients and magic missiles. I just keep getting punished. My skill tree 26 points in motion, 13 in harmony, and 27 in cataclysm.
Thanks for reading and taking time to comment if you do.


use that to show us your exact build and that will help a lot more.

Your issues should be mostly with either your build or play style, a cat com, bee, and bitch should have plenty of stopping power.

Also is there a certain part of the peak that is stopping you right now, certain enemy maybe?

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If you play on Xbox I can run you through all of the op levels in 15 minutes if you’d like

If he is struggling at op2 do you really think powerleveling to op8 is going to help anything? Best get to the root of the issue than to expand it.

He’s most likely struggling because of lack of gear, which is something in most cases that can be cured at op8 considering that is the gear that people keep, not op2…

Some of that equipment can be pretty rough to use in Digistruct Peak (Cradle, Bearcat, WTF, Emperor, for example). Even the Black Hole is something I might only use when in the little Thunderdome area with the assassins just because you’re forced into close proximity to them (otherwise, I make it a tactical point to never get that close to an enemy). Also, level 72 gear at OP2 can be pretty underwhelming, depending on what it is.

OP, if you’re on Steam, I have a ton of very good legit gear at OP3 (a few OP2) for free that I’m itching to give away.

His guns are more than ok and only 2 levels below means damage output should not be the issue

Thats what he is running with equiped, more than enough stopping power to get past the peak. So its build or playstyle. Sure more and better gear is out there but I’ve done op8 peak many times with nothing expect bitches (other than on saturn because it takes too long).

Great guns, great com, great shields, great grenade, ok relic.

that’s my build

I pretty much cope with all enemies but the badass constructors keep getting me other than that I seem to be ok.

Thanks guys there’s plenty of information there for me to go at, I think maybe my general play needs some input. Im on ps3 and trying to go all the way on solo then tackle the big raid bosses on my own too, as I don’t have the means to play online at the moment so it’s pretty much a one man show. And I only have the siren in play, no other classes in saved games, so it’s my goal to go all the way with the siren till I get broadband sorted and can play online. Really appreciate the input too cheers

Don’t use Thoughtlock or Sub Sequence at the peak. Put those points into Inertia and Elated/Sweet Release.

Go farm a new Bee every two levels if you want to do the bare minimum in farming and stand a chance at progressing.

I’ll try that. And I don’t mind farming I’ve been trying to farm the legendary siren for 2 months now, with no luck. Just want the stats an movement speed in phase lock, also keep going back to treeants and bnk3r just to get same level sheilds an bitch

I’d move those 5 points out of Blight Phoenix and put them into Immolate. Sure the card says it does fire damage while in FFYL, but it also boosts all damage while in FFYL and I think it’s a better choice because rank skills don’t scale well. Plus you need to be too close to enemies for it to do any good.

Thanks for posting your build, there are a few issues in that should help you.

  • Like @BookEmDano already said SS is not good in the peak so take that away and thoughtlock and you have 6 points opened up
  • Swap BP for immolate like @Gulfwulf suggested and loose the cloudkill, thats one more point opened up for a total of 7 now.
  • Your Cat com and 10/5 wreck boosted base damage to around 200% and a bit more sometimes already, so 10/5 accelerate just isn’t needed. 1 point is plenty getting you 6/5. Thats 4 more open points for a running total of 11 points opened
  • Same thing with minds eye, 6/5 is all you need with your gear so now its 15 points free.

Here is where I would spend them

  • 5 in inertia helping both your survival and DPS, don’t underestimate what 50% reload speed does for you, this also helps you keep your Bee up and heal through DOTS
  • 2 in Sweet Release, healing is good
  • 5 in Elated, more healing is better
  • 3 in Sustenance, sure it won’t healthgate you but it can be the difference between a DOT death and survival and DOTS are scary in op levels.


So with this you didn’t give up any noticeable DPS but you pick up well over twice the healing and survival potential, most likely more like 10 times the survival.

Is thoughtlock a bad skill? It felt pretty useful at the peak to add another target for enemies to shoot.

No its just different, it was never bad. I don’t care for it but thats another story. Why I didn’t suggest it in your build is you don’t need more points in the motion tree and to a point you would be wasting points to get to it.

I like it just not at the Peak. You’re better with a one and done approach.

Thought lock and subsequence work great if you know what TL does. Soloed that way with her no problem. TL surveyors, they heal you while you kill them. :slight_smile:

I dont use blight pheonix or acid cloud. immo is a better choice in a pinch. health generation during a phase lock is helpful too. one point into sweet release is useful, but elation (?) for regen is more consistently useful.

i usually take off the bee for the assasins for survival. controlling them and using cover is more important than damage. a bee is risky if you take a hit. the bee is nice because it just speeds some parts up, but is not essential for the peak.

a sniper will help to pick off or soften stuff at distance.

a meteor shower or mirv (homing is fine and really useful against large slow enemies) with any moxxi in hand is instant heal, enemy softening.

I have a little experience with TL but it’s too unpredictable at the Peak for me.

TL is predictable. It just can be annoying. A lone enemy will just wander away at times. I like the skill despite some draw backs. It use can be very different than regular phase lock, so there is a learning curve. Solo I like it, but a TLed enemy screws over Zer0 executes badly which is a downer.