OP Level up help and/or Lv 72 Norfleet/Grog Nozzle

Let me know if you can help me get to OP 8

I am currently OP 2

If you also have any extra lv 72 Norfleets/Grog Nozzles or to give away or trade, let me know

If you have others weps to would help in solo OP leveling , let me know.

PSN: Nihildeus

I don’t check my PSN acct every hour, so please send a reply email to this post

I’m Central US Time

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i would like to ask you if you can help me farm hyperious on normal mode for a norfleet because i cant kill him by myself psn:jebosaurusrex im on pacific time and ill be on around 2 central or 3 pacific

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Either I or a buddy of mine are in Digistruct Peak everyday, helping folks get to OP8.

If you’re up early, their should be at least one lobby open to the public. We sometimes close to invite only.

We usually hand out some decent op8 gear when you get there. :slight_smile:

I sent fr so that I can try to join in the morning if it is not filled up

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Good meeting you & probably see you again tomorrow, Deus! We’ll wreck it.

I do have extras of both of those, as well as class mods, etc. I KNOW I do in OP8 flavor, not
sure about lvl 72 ( but I will check…certain about the Grog, I usually sell/store Norfleets simply
because I never use them ).
I will see if I have any OP4 gear laying around on a char as well, to help
when we get there. ( can’t guarantee I still have any…probably sold it long ago )…but
you never know. Mules, mules & more mules, lol.

Sorry I missed this message ( apparently a few days ago ).

I have no problem joining & smiting him for you. @ OP8 he’d die in seconds.
I can’t guarantee a time I would be available, but the 8am-12pm PST is a good rule of thumb.
Probably easier if you set up the game ( host ) & I join in.

Thanks for op help. I’ll be back in 4 weeks to get help for op 3-8

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For sure my man, anytime. Be safe and see ya in a month.