OP levels and being partied up

My wife and I have gone through a good amount of OP levels together (through OP5, currently trying to beat OP6). We are doing splitscreen coop with me being the host for all of them, but she has beaten all of them with me.

She was trying to play by herself today, and realized that she doesn’t have any OP levels and can’t use any of her OP gear. Is this a glitch or is there a solution to this?

Now even when she’s partied with me it won’t let her use her OP weapons. Someone please help. She has no weapons to play with at all now because they are almost all OP 4, 5, or 6.

When she starts her game normaly a window pops up where you can raise or decrease the op levels. If she doesn’t get this window than something went wrong. Dit you save and quit each time you finisht you run through the peak? You must also raise the op level after each succesful run.