OP Levels and Farming

Today I took a plunge i’ve been putting off for a long time and dived into the Peak. I decided i’d try it with Salvador first, so that if I struggle with others, I can use him to farm them gear.

I completed OP2 with my existing 72 gear, I did notice it was probably going to be too difficult in a couple of levels time judging by it taking me gradually longer to deal with things, so I am now farming a new Harold at OP3.

Because I unlock OP3 after completing OP2, does that mean I actually only have to complete up to OP7 to access OP8? Also what kind of gap in item farming would you guys recommend? I’m alternative between DPUH/Grog and Nukem/Slag Pimpernel for the larger enemies/surveyors. I feel like I might be able to complete OP3 Peak with this stuff, but beyond that I may need new things. Is that consistent that I will probably not need new stuff until maybe OP6-7?

Any and all suggestions around gear are welcome.

Also, due to the nature of using the Nukem and Pimp together, am I right to assume I only really need to farm a new Nukem, because the Pimp takes on the stats of the Nukem?

Yes! But why stop there? If you’ve gotten that far, then you can do the final run too.

Chuck80’s Deputy Sal build is something you might wanna check out. It’s very easy on ammo, and the guns last a long time.


Depends on the gear- if it’s something that’s an easy farm, like Torgue tokens to buy a DPUH, then I’d suggest every other level. If it’s a quest reward then alternatives could get you thru. Myself on my run with my new Sal (Reverend Pain), I used gear I could farm every level- Slow Hands, RR and DPUH. for the most part the character you use might determine how long something remains effective- a level 72 shock redundant Fibber might last longer in the hands of a LBT Gaiage than other characters for example; Maya and Zero might get more mileage out of Pimpernels with certain builds and gear; Krieg and Axton might make more out of a lower level explosive weapon than other characters, etc.

With Sal in regards to your Pimpernel/Nukem combo I think you’re right in that you only have to upgrade the Nukem- and with the way drops happen on the Peak that might not be too difficult to get…

I just went on NVHM and farmed some tokens in Pete’s Bar, so I can now farm the Vending Machine outside the arena for a new Nukem. Got a new DPUH at OP3 from Savage Lee so I don’t need that for now. :slight_smile:

Edit: Got this from the machine

Any chance you can outline what i’m going to face in which levels of the Peak? I’ve completed OP2, so from OP3 onwards if you don’t mind .

The Assassins up to OP4 as the final battle, after that you unlock the rest of the Peak. Enemies will start to change locations- expect the double Scorches to show up in the area just before you drop down to face Dukino’s Mom. Dual Black Queens start to show up in the next area, 3 or more Bone Head 3.o and company, super badass surveyors become more come, the Doc Mercy area will now spawn up to 3 versions of him and a constructor, turrets and turrets on trains, the Assassins with spiderbot tanks are a possible combo, followed up in the next area by ultimate slag skags, rabid skags, more surveyors, ultimate badass loaders and more spiderbot tanks- and when all that is over expect twin Saturns to pop out at OP7 (the Saturns aren’t guaranteed until OP6 I think- until then you might just hit the quad spiderbot tanks…), more turrets, super badass surveyors, ultimate slag skags, raiders, nomads, constructors, ultimate badass loaders and Blaster Nomads. The final area before OMGWTH expect surveyors/super badass surbeyors (to get stuck in the cliff- try not to leave them for last!), more loaders, ultimate badass slag skag, shock Nomad Blasters, ultimate badass loaders and - rarely- turrets on a train. And of course, OMGWTH in the final area… sounds like fun, doesn’t it… :grin:



Don’t suppose you have an OP3 Neogenator?


I recommend a reset and re-gearing at OP5 or 6. Easiest way is the Scarlett DLC, where you can get an Orphan Maker, Jolly Roger, Sandhawk, and Pimp fairly quickly. Harold is easily obtainable via torgue tokens, the Antagonist shield via farming L72 Pete for crystals, and the Roughrider is right at the start of the Hammerlock DLC. Since you will likely do a re-set at OP8 anyway, it doesn’t matter that you just did one a few OP levels before.

I just completed OP3, will do more tomorrow now :slight_smile:

That was the first time I had to go into the extra part (after the Assassins), it was also the first run that I felt pressure to deal with things quicker. One part I got two of the huge Spiderants and a constructor, but thankfully there was a well placed metal barrier in the middle so I could avoid the constructor until i’d killed everything else.

I see people complaining about the peak not adding anything and so on but i’m enjoying just testing myself. I guess you just can’t please some people, they’d be the ones moaning if GBX gave up on a game after a year, but also complain that the game was getting DLC way further into the game’s life cycle than most games ever have.

Ok guys, I uploaded a couple of videos of my OP3 run, so you can all have a good laugh at me wasting grenades :smiley:

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Had my first defeat, at OP4. Which doesn’t bode well for the other levels :confused:

I sincerely hope that you don’t think that the rest of us didn’t die like little bitches during our first runs through the Peak. Coz we ALL did! :laughing:


:slight_smile: Thanks for the reassurance!

I would like to try that build, but a three round rustlers orphan maker is soooo rare. ive ran down the beach for like 3-4 hours and never got one. just getting a rustlers prefix is rare, i have never seen one with three round clip

i play solo offline too, has anyone else had this much trouble getting one?

I have just been using a purple Well Kept Coach Gun with a clip size of 3, it’s been effective when i’ve tried the build. I spend a whole afternoon farming for a ROM the other day and got a Rustler’s prefix once, and it had a 2 clip size. So I decided to wait and farm one when I reach OP8 rather than wasting time now for one.

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a good weapon for surveyors is the white death sniper. i play on 360 though and i believe they changed the name later

i guess they thought the name “white death” might be offensive lol. i find a slag version to be best and it drops from the quest called the good the bad and the mordecai. you cant gunzerk while sniping though, but it is still probably a good bet for you

They changed the name from Lyuda to White Death on the Xbox 360, not the other way around. I’m not sure why. It’s now changed again to Lyudmila :slight_smile:

If anyone on Xbox One (360 could work, I could dump it on a mule and transfer it to One) has an OP4 Slag Pimpernel they can spare, they’d be really helping me out. If I can’t get one i’ll reset but thought i’d ask first :slight_smile: Even if you just lend it to me!!

that specific gun, would have to look, but more then likely not, I have transferred all my toons over from 360 and know I do have a mix (mainly Legends) of this and that guns and gear. Also have a WEP LLM farm that can be done at OP 3 (or any OP level).